Helfs are Failures

How is it possible that the master race could be ruled out of so many of my future build plans due to a simple over looked feature? Simple, they lack the master beard as an option. Boom! Dead to me.

I went home ill at lunchish yesterday, Think I might have pushed cooking something a hair further then I should have. All I can say is sometimes it sucks not being able to smell and I cooked it really well and it tasted good? Long story short after a trip or two to the restroom, I was to wiped to return to work and I feared a return restroom visit, so I jumped on to ddo and looked for low stress options. I knocked out a GH explored loop and then I decided to go ahead and TR McGoggles.

Yes, I don’t have a real detailed build plan. But for what I am doing I really don’t care. It is something for me to fiddle with in my spare time. He is a second lifer so I am not worried about XP and as he hasn’t been played in months before TRing he won’t be missed in epics.

I hit the rez button and fill in his name; lets do this thing! I start as a Helf Ranger. Stats look good, Skills look better then I thought. Get to look and it hits me, McGoggle has that boss “Wendell Beard”, but that is not an option for Helfs…

Let me side bar, Wendell is a guy I know from the local DnD/Card scene. He is the Hollywood nerd. Always dirty, stinky (as I understand it) and always knows just enough about any topic to comment but then be completely and totally wrong. But for years he had this amazing beard that shot out in all directions. So when I see that ddo beard option I think “Wendell Beard” though technically think it is called the Winnfield. Want to know a little secret? There are 2 beards I wish I could have in RL, the Winnfield and the massive biker beard. You know the goatee that goes to your belly button and you braid into huge braids. You know like how Clankenbeard draws me. ☺

Realizing this over sight I back out and start over as a human as to get the proper beard. Yes I know that it will effect the over all power of my build a LOT. No AA for me on the back of Helf. But come on, some alts just need the right look. Now I need to buy some funky color hair dye; last life McGoogles rocked a bright blue, maybe this life that Acid Green out of the store?


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