Magical Monday 6.30.14

First off i want to say thanks again to everyone that drafted Conspiracy this Saturday in support of Remmie’s medical bills. We had lots of fun and Remmie really didn’t want to leave and kept arguing with me that he was not tired even though anyone could look at him and see that he was wiped. And special thanks to Todd, for putting the boxes up to support said draft. I want to link their ebay account as they don’t have a web presence other then that and their facebook page. Please check them out, they sell a ton of different things so odds are there is something for everyone. And if you can help them you are helping us.

With that out of the way lets talk magics.

Remmie is set on making a blue/red control deck. Or was until Conspiracy came out and now he wants to just make “Conspiracy decks” for him and his friends. I personally feel that WotC should have let Conspiracy be at least Modern legal, due to the over whelming number of kids who are just tasting some of these older cards and want to go nuts with them but legacy well is just too deep for them at the moment.

Anyway i am getting side tracked.

Remmie and his blue/red control so i have been looking at things trying to develop a plan and i happen to catch this video by Caleb Durward over at and my brain starts running down the rabbit hole.

Izzet Staticcaster
Gorgon’s Head

Hour of Need
Curse of the swine

Izzet Charm
Lightning Strike
Mizzium Mortars
Spite of Mogis

Young Pyromancer
Prohpetic Flamespeaker
Battlefield Thaumaturge

Chandra, Pyromaster
Ral Zarek

Trading Post
Akroan Horse

What the hell has my brain done?

Okay so lets just look at some interactions…

izzet staticcaster + gorgon’s head == deathtouch your team. (thanks Caleb i didn’t play Return to Rav so missed this gem) But one of the things that Caleb ran into during his videos was master of waves… And i suggest Hour of Need. Works on a few levels. One makes master a killable 4/4 that might also take out his team of 1/0s, also makes other problem guys into 4/4s with matching names. Aka open more things to izzet staticcaster + gorgon’s head. Can remove most of the men your opponent might try and block prohpetic flamespeaker with, also can upgrade your men to flying 4/4s…

Seems great but is that enough?

I don’t think so, enter Curse of the Swine. Curse also just happens to be one of the cards Remmie is excited about right now. Mainly when you team it up with Battlefield Thaumaturge.

Two of my pet cards are Spite of Mogis and Young Pyromancer. Seems like a natural deck for them as there is a large number of spells already add in Lightning Strike and Mizzium Mortars and Spite really is another red “Swords to Plowshares”.

Akroan Horse seems like the board stall and feed Hour of Need. Trading Post keeps things moving until we are setup and the rest are VALUE.

Lets see if i can get 36ish cards + lands here….

3 Izzet Staticcaster
2 Gorgon’s Head

4 Hour of Need
2 Curse of the swine
2 Izzet Charm
0 Lightning Strike
3 Mizzium Mortars
2 Spite of Mogis (these could be more charms or Lighting strike but swords?)

4 Young Pyromancer
4 Prohpetic Flamespeaker
2 Battlefield Thaumaturge
3 Akroan Horse

1 Purphoros
0 Keranos
2 Chandra, Pyromaster
1 Ral Zarek

1 Trading Post


4 Temples
4 Steam Vents
? (3) Mana Confluence
Islands and Mountains to hit our 24 lands thinking a few more islands then mountains but only like 1 or 2 more…

1 Izzet Staticcaster
1 Gorgon’s Head
3 Gainsay
3 Negate
3 Anger of the Gods
2 Polymorphous Rush could be Dragon
2 Gridlock

I really like this list and i will have to see if i can get my hands on Izzet Staticcasters and Prohpetic Flamespeakers and see how it plays. But i bet it is like a warm wet happy place.


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