Ddo and Twitch

Look at me kids, I am writing about Dungeons and Dragons Online for a change. Watch out!

So i have been looking at the different Twitch numbers. Number of viewers, number of streamers things like that and do you know what i learned? That DDo has less viewers and streamers then pen and paper Dnd and games like Mario Sunshine. Amazing games btw… But still it can be aggravating at times, because you know what? I like to watch others play as long as they are being entertaining. I don’t think it is any secret that i am into Magic right now. And a lot of the time i will just log into DDo and do some mindless grinding (or while working) watching someone else play magic on the other screen.

I know that we have had a big push lately, but it is just not enough. I wonder what it would take to boost the numbers. Looking last night (after servers got back up), Magic got to around 3k and DDo didn’t break 100 and League was over 80k. We just had an update and my personal twitter feed just had a lot of nothing. Today is better, but not great.

So this is where my head is… ChannelFireBall helps some of its Magic writers that also happen to be streamers pay for their time. I know that other major websites do the same. So why not DDo? I look at the League streams listed now and i see at least 10 sponsored streamers right now. Seems like cheep advertising to me.

The wife and i have been talking about trying moving my for $$ job to streaming 4-5 nights/days a week but i couldn’t pay anything with the low numbers i see in the DDo streams. The highest DDo stream i have seen was about 150 and that was one of Jerry’s Lunch streams where he was previewing things with a Dev and giving out codes like candy. Not saying why people where watching, but i saw a lot of “hey Jerry is giving away point codes on the stream” when i fired up my game and looked in the channel chats and not a lot of “wow X looks cool as hell”….

I am just saying, who would like to see Turbine sponsor a few part time streamers? Pay for their subs, kick them a few codes to hand out on streams etc… Hell i would move a lot of things around for a few $ in my bank account. All in the name of advertising. Speaking of ads, why don’t we have some sweet Youtube ads targeting gamers. I have to watch Rainbow Six new game ad about 10 times a day think a DDo ad would pop up in my Youtube….


Oh well, I hope to look into the Rogue pass this week and see if there is anything that makes me want to take more then 2 rogue on any of my builds or rework my ranged rogue.



5 thoughts on “Ddo and Twitch

  1. Turbine might sponsor a fairly well known game streamer to play DDO on his or her stream. I am not sure how much this would cost but getting non-amateur streamers to play DDO would be a good place to start building DDO’s Twitch and YouTube audiences.

  2. I think this would be an awesome idea. But I imagine it would not be you or me getting paid, or any of us, but rather established twitchers with large followings. Or Wil Wheaton. Anyone that will bring the numbers with them.

    I imagine.

  3. But what would the cost be for those larger streamers? Like i said a little loving could go a long way. And while a few larger streamers might be worth the cost someday right now it is a numbers game.

  4. This is definitely an interesting idea. Something I didn’t think about. I could easily see Turbine trying to implement something like this if they had the ability. I bet you would have maintain some type of minimum number of views which means the player would have to do their own advertising to promote their own channel. You would also probably have to establish a channel strictly devoted to DDO.

    Another thing that just came to mind when thinking about advertisements on YouTube. I wonder if Turbine would be open to playerbase created commercials and having them be submitted to Turbine for promotion of the game. Then maybe Turbine could select those “worthy” and give the player some payment for that. It would be interesting to see if Turbine could pay players for nicely laid player created commercials and advertisements.

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