Magic Monday 4.6.15

Back with decks.

2015-03-23 16.22.42

Here is my sealed deck from the Pre release, i am not sure how well you can see it but i did a little report last update. But now that i have a few more limited games under my belt i want to say Echoes of the Kin Tree, is even better then i thought in limited. A+

2015-04-04 22.51.06

This is my 4-0 draft deck from the Store v Store event this last weekend.

I went in to this draft wanting to be closer to control then not. With that in mind i started my draft with a Vulturous Aven then double Bathe in Dragonfireand a Gravecaller then i waffled in to some blue cards then settled on a nice black/red list. Pack 2 i spiked the regent, was passed the raptor and a ton of great blue cards but i was able to stay on track with only a few blue cards that i considered slashing for, but i couldn’t get enough fixing to make it happen. 😦

Opening that Siege,in the third pack, was a real boon. Angler and a few pick ups made the final list but i cut a lot of good cards from the other store players.

Overall the Shop did real well, with Standard being the closest with us winning by 6 points. While Draft and Commander was mostly a blow out.

Okay lets look at some standard ideas

I saw a real good aggressive Assault Formation list. It was kinda close to the list i have been playing with but it looked real good and had some teck i didn’t think about: Kruphix’s Insight.

Kruphix’s Insight, is so good that i am going to add some to my list for sure.

I like big butts

3 Sylvan Caryatid
1 Shaman of Forgotten Ways
4 Nyx-Fleece Ram
4 Courser of Kruphix
3 Siege Rhino
1 Grim Guardian

2 Sidisi, Undead Vizier
2 Chord of Calling

1 Brimaz, King of Oreskos
1 Citadel Siege
1 Doomwake Giant

4 Assault Formation
2 Mastery of the Unseen
2 Whip of Erebos
3 Abzan Charm
2 Kruphix’s Insight

4 tri-lands
8 temples black-white and green-black
4 green black pain lands
4 white green fetch lands
2 plains
2 forests
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

This list is laid out a little different then i normally would. I have a small tutor package and reanimate package. I could see more silver bullet package but i would leave that in the sideboard and try to bank on people not knowing what is up for game one then go adjust as needed.

Now the list i saw this weekend was just white/green with 8 of the 0/4 one drops and was all in on game one on the Assault Formation. But i really like the balance of control and midrange.

Okay better take off.

May all your opens be a good mix of relevant spells and lands.


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