Magical Monday 4.13.2015

So to be clear i am starting this post before midnight my time so i am going to count it as Monday.

I love my job at The Arena, hands down best job ever. But sometimes there are surprises that well i didn’t foresee, hence the word “Surprise.” With the new PPTQ (preliminary pro tour qualifier) system all the local shops get to have their own little “big” tournament. I am hearing some PPTQ’s  are not firing and i am not just talking about in Smallville, Ks but real places like Boston and Chicago.

Say what?

Yep some shops just don’t have the player base to draw in the players, that and format calls. Hint, no one that has legacy decks just laying around wants to play a legacy PPTQ (of 8 people) to go to a standard regional PTQ. And the shop owners are losing money paying judge staff for 10 people to show up. Now some places are getting 100-200 people PPTQs and they are having another issue. There PTQ are too skilled. And a lot of those players are traveling to “soft” PTQs to make things easier to pick up invites. If you live in a smaller state, Magicwise anyway, you might get to see a lot of just off the train pros looking to get back on the train by crushing your dreams. How much fun would that be?

My personal problem? Glad you asked, the lack of level 2s in my area, and for those non Magic kids reading you have to have a level 2 judge for your PPTQ or your winner doesn’t get to qualify for your PTQ. Kansas only has a handful of level 2+s (four) and they are in high demand at the moment. Basically, making it a sellers market and some of the judges are looking out for number one; as they should. But at least let us know more then two weeks out would you? When we contacted you 3 months out and have been speaking with you weekly and then you say oh i am booked that day. Surprise!

I really don’t think that WotC thought this PPTQ thing out. There are a ton of issues that anyone could have seen in advance if someone gave it a reasonable amount of thought? High population area issues vs low population areas for number of seats to the big show and judge availability are just a few…

As for my problem, we are emailing the regional judge overseer person for our area, to see if there is anything he/she can do to help. But i am not holding my breath. I have the feeling that we will have to cancel and cut our losses. See if i can’t paint some lipstick on this pig and take it to the dance as my date. If only level 1s could run the PPTQs for low population areas. Areas with an expected turn out of less then 20-40 players. And heaven help us if the Regional PTQs gave out PT invites based on number of players in said state.


Well i hope someone at WotC, is watching what is happening and can make some changes to the policy.

Guess, i am starting judge studying soon. Not sure how fast i can get my level 2 but i know that i could almost make up the salary from my part job just working a few PPTQs a month. Seems like a reasonable thing to me.

Okay need to do some reading and try to get to sleep before 2 am this morning..



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