Mtg Plus Samius Equals AMAZINGBALLZ!

My artistic abilities are limited, ie i am not a physical artist. Werds are my colors and the mind is my canvas. Example i say orange and pink spotted wang and you think amazing, right? Right.

But sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a talent that makes art for everyone to see. I am always sending off ideas to Clankenbeard for Samius/Lessah artwork, most go into his trash box i think because i assume he needs to be inspired to do his thing. I am not a jealous person, but i am jealous of those people that have a talent for turning ideas into reality. I would very much like to make some of my ideas happen.

I mean just look at some of these alters:

Or dozens of other amazing mtg alters over at

But how great would it be to have a full set of basic lands Samiused?

Like that but with even more smexy, 25 Big Eye Samius Islands! Maybe with a word bubble saying “I am going to tap you for blue!” or “Pants are for losers!”


Maybe some Lessah Plains:

And Morah Mountains:

I might have to become a red mage. Just damn….

Clanky, if you see this you know you want me to send you like 1000 cards. You know you do. 🙂


Werds that Suck!

Language is a funny thing. It only works when people share the meaning of the words we use. Tobril and I use a short hand while driving, as I am not super good with right or left directions (Just part of how my brain is wired). So we have a system using the turn signal for following directions aka up or down and follow the arrow. It works because we share meaning/experience of those words. But if I told you to go to X Street and go up with out that meaning would you know what I meant? I don’t think so. This will make sense soon, stay with me.

Yesterday I told a story about how I spent Wednesday night tilting. And I quoted Tobril saying, “I will stay in.” He commented on that by saying he felt that he was not helping as much as the wife and or I. And could best help by keeping the quest alive while people filled back up and jumped back in. Granted that is a fine motivation and some times even worth wild tactic. But the truth is DDo players say some things that piss me right off. “I will stay in.” is one of them.

My issue with “I will stay in” comes from the meaning I take away from hearing those words post wipe. Try to follow this train of thought. I just died. (While I don’t take deaths as personally as others I really don’t play to die. I do enjoy pushing myself but I expect better of myself at all time and don’t really expect to die.) And I hear “Hey we all just wiped, so I will stay here and you go lose more XP so I can get as much as I can. Thanks. You might as well ask me for my TPS reports.

Like I said above I know what he Tobril was thinking, because he told us. But that is not how I heard things. I don’t really have a fix. Other then slow counting to ten after someone says something that hits your anger button. And ask yourself what did they really mean?

Any way some other things that ddo players say that get my goat:

“I just want a completion.” Aka I have giving up on trying and now let just finish so I can be done.

“I don’t think we can.” This one pissing me in pugs not from friends or guildies, because pugers have no biases other then perceived one by class break down to judge what we can do.

“X class/player is not DPS” Again, perceived bias.

“”X is over powered” I have never seen a compelling argument for what is over powered in dnd or ddo. Now before playing DDo, MtG was my game of choice and I still think a lot like a Magic player. Damage spells, Removal spells etc… And we had a banned and restricted list in tournament play. How did I know those cards belonged on that list? Numbers and math. There is a card Sensei’s Divining Top and when it was tournament legal it dominated decks. Such a large number of decks used it that it was like the rules were changed to four tops and 56 other cards in a magic deck. Something like 90some% of decks were using four of that card in their decks and 100% of the top 24 in the different Pro tours. The only other card that was as damaging back then was Umezawa’s Jitte. So popular that some decks ran copies just to kill the other players copies. So numbers and math proved that something was too good. There are no clear numbers as far as I know in DDO. There is nothing saying 60% of all epic kills are from Wail or 70% there are X number of 95% ac tanks and quests that they do they complete 99% of the time.

Any way I have gone long. Use the comments to let me know what werds that you hear get thrown around DDo that pisses you off a little.