Let’s Talk About Plats, Baby

Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about Plats

So after a week of hardly playing due to spring break I have to say this weekend was a good one. Got lots of time in game on Firday night and Saturday to hang with the Brits and most of the morning before heading to my pnp game. In our normal fashion when we are low manning things we hit whatever quests we wanted. We did some GH and some FR stuff. We even worked in an EE Madstone run that while fun was very draining and took a long time. Next time we skip optionals until the end if we do them at all.

Anyhow we got some pulls but not the belt I was hunting for Darth Samius. So when we picked up where we left off on the next day I hit the AH/SH just hopping to find one of the belts for a good price. The shard exchange prices on Sarlona are still out of hand in my opinion so I pass on the 1 or 2 belts I see listed. But there happens to be one EH belt on the AH for 750k plat. Darth has all of 300k on him but the ladies are able to lone me 250k each so I don’t have to spend the time swapping around to move some plat. And I pick up my belt off the AH.

In the corse of playing and swapping alts for different quests I repay the ladies and realize I am super plat poor. Log story short I have been just buying the GH loot off the AH due to my poor farming skills, aka time to use this +2 weekend and a few loot gems to make some Plats.

I have talked about in the past about where I go to farm plat but for some reason, cough invis bug cough, I have had issues with some old standbys. So I want to both share my list and ask you for any quests you might farm when you are plat poor.

DQ 6 man, normally a no brainer, 3 amazing chests per run and little to no time to ransack them but this quest was having real issues due to invis still not working right to the point after 6 or 7 runs and 2 deaths due to skull issues while invised I said enough and moved on to.

Von2 maze chests, You have to know where the chests can spawn and using the friendly target or “radar” figure out where the chests are so you can get them and get out with out a fluke death but once you have it down it is a fast 2 chests.

Raiding the Giant Vault, this guy is one of my go tos because again once you have it down you can get 5 chests in 2 mins they are not all super high level chests but in two runs I got a 20% for 6 hour xp pot and a 20% guild renown pot.

Lets see what else …

Unquiet Graves got hit real hard. This quest also had the perk of getting the newly capped out or about to be capped out wife a ton of xp in 3 min runs. Kill 4 guys loot and DD reset. Sure there was only one chest but it was a good chest.

And of course we sacked Rusty Blades. Both for xp and the chest once the chest was sacked we did one more for people that missed a run and moved on.

Once I had decided to farm some plat I made about 750k xp I even did a shroud run thinking hey there are like a lot of chests in there. And for a speed run on hard it was not super fast to start but the quest its self was fairly quick once everyone entered… I could have done that a few more times…

Okay so where else? I would like to get a good buffer of a million plat per played alt if I can. Sure I could start to sell my EH/EE GH loots but I would either need to take the time to list things on the AH or make a trade list…

Like either of those things are going to be happening…


One thought on “Let’s Talk About Plats, Baby

  1. I used to run the house c challenges for plat. The base values of items has been changed so its not as worth it anymore. Used to get around 4k every 5 minutes to sell to a vendor but the new loots lower base value only nets a little under 3k.

    Delirium was another i would farm (just run the whole quest for 5 or so chests), though that was ages ago so i doubt i would run that one these days unless i didn’t have an epic level character at the time.

    I’d add more options if i had more, i just don’t quest for plat anymore to have improved on what i knew months and months ago to get plat rich quick.

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