A Good and Mostly Productive Night

Last night I had breaking Phlor back in on the books. And we did so. He logged in and we got everything remapped, ran down the important changes to his char and then we jumped into the Vale for an hour or so of slowly clearing trash in the vale. It was a good relaxing night, just what he needed to feel like he could get back into the night. Or at least that is the feeling that I got from the night.

Then dinner happened and Phlor drifted away but didn’t log out. I can only assume that he fired up Eve… But Tobril logged on because of the bonus guild renown going on right now and wants to help push the DG to rank 80. Thank God. Feels like the wife and I are trying to push a house up a mountain most of the time. And I keep waiting to get steam rolled even more.

So we adjust to the new party make up and ransack Rusted blades. I swap alts as I sacked out right away but I have one or two alts that could use the xp as well as being around to renown grind.

After sacking Blades we move on to a few of the King’s Forest quest. But we finally land on the Unquite Graves. A quest I feel is really under rated for XP farming mostly due to the run to the quest.

Once sacking that I decide to call it a night. Go back to the boat to sell/repair look at my phat loots. And I got a Drow Great axe +5 combat skills, the Grave wrappings and a collection of sell able loot to the bar keep for almost 150K plat. Not bad for a night of renown farming.

But our renown farming was not the best. Think we might be doing some more renown farming tonight and I need to find a better couple of quests. Thinking that  Von3 for mob/chest/pick up the end reward renown might be the way to go. And I have not ransacked von3 on anyone since epic levels made their way into ddo.

Anyway, where else do you go to farm renown?


2 thoughts on “A Good and Mostly Productive Night

  1. Once our guildie saved all his end rewards with high guild renowns and then drank a pot and went round an collected them all in one go, don’t know haw many but it’s a thought. how many quests can you do in one night?

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