Magical Monday 5.19.14

Welcome to my Magical Monday. Tobril basically told me to get regular on my writing schedule again. So i am going to try. If i have things i have to fit into my week, i tend to get them at least mostly done.

So lets look at two master pieces from this last weeks FNM the first is my deck the second is my son’s. Sorry for the grainy images, I will do better in the future. We drew in the finals to clinch first and second for like 12+ boosters.

2014-05-16 23.05.26

2014-05-16 23.08.28

First off better lucky then good, opening Pharika (easy first pick) was a good sign for the night as i wanted to go “Constellation” knowing that we had a weird draft set of Journey, Theros, Core M14. I was passed Underworld Coinsmith second, another card i wanted to try out for myself. So i knew i was base black and willing to go 3 color so i needed to value color fixing fairly highly. A third pick supply line crane put a twist into my plans but i pushed on.

In pack two the black gods were calling my name with Erebos just begging to be slammed down. A couple time to feeds, a wingsteed rider and a grey merchant where clear winners from this pack.

I had high hopes from Core 2014, a Blightcaster would have been the nut but a first pick Strionic Resonator with all my Constellation/come in to play triggers was also amazing. Then i picked up Dismiss into Dream kinda late. But i thought i could make it work, and it did in the fun games vs my son that we played but the only time i drew it on the way to undefeated land my opponent killz it right away. He knew the power!

Over all the deck was really strong. A good control shell and ramp shell with some real fat finishers. For the record wingsteed rider and trollhide are more or less glued together. I don’t think i ever drew one with out the other a card or two behind.

One game really stands out to me where i had a devotion to 4 on board and a grey merchant in hand but i waited until i could also activate the Strionic Resonator and drain for 12. Then let the Underworld Coinsmith due its thing. Speaking of Strionic Resonator, there was a moment where i played Banishing Light and ate 2 dudes. Oh come into play triggers you are the best!

In the fun games Remmie was able to agro me out 2-1. I guess that Suntail hawk + cheep bestow guys is also a way to win. But he loves to draft live gain decks and with Angelic Accord he had ways to gain live and make flying ladies.

Hope this was fun for you all. Look forward to more Magic every Monday.


Minor Victories

So the last few weeks I have a few minor goals. Get Javabot into epics, 4 more red scales to repay Grim, find the Shard of the Red Dragon to make said Red dragon armor, get the Marith Chain blank for Darth Samius and get Samius at lest 3 in every epic destiny. Oh and the best one take back the lead in the niceness war between Grim and myself.

Java has been in epics for a while now. He has done a lot of the Tor flagging quests on EE and has been making his way threw the web flagging. I really do like how he is playing, although I have noticed some loss in over all goodness since moving out of Sentinel and in to GMoFs. All those Hps are gone. ☹ Last life I had started leveling the Exalted Angel destiny but didn’t like it and then TRed before moving out of the divine circle. Guess Java will have to share Samius’ goal of 3 or 4 ranks in all destines fairly soon. I am not sure where Java will land final destiny wise but I can see twisting in a ton of Draconic Incarnation stuff if he doesn’t just land in that destiny.

So the other day due to a client crash the DG/HoDW ended up doing a second Von run for the weekend netting me my 4th bonus red scale to repay the loan from Grim. Took me a week to get them all together and catch her to return them but I finally did last weekend.

Running as many Vons as possible also allows me to keep trying to get a Shard of the Dragon. Which I am rounding 20 completions on my piking account just since the brits joined us and yet to have seen a shard drop.

Darth has it Epic Marith Chain now, I used a few bypass timers I had in the bank and soloed a few hards to get to a 19th and then with the brits we did a 20th and it was in the list. Thank goodness. Now that I have it and the Epic GH gear is around I will need to work out a new gear list and plan out my slotting some before I can really get into using it full time. Right now its equipped and ready to go but I lost my SFL (40 hp) and my heavy fort so until I get the list reworked I need to keep the purple set running.

I am glad to say this weekend will start the last destiny push on Samius. I am just a hair short of wrapping up my currently last level in Fury of the wild and will be switching to Primal Avatar to round out its 3 levels and with that I will have at lets 3 in everything. And that is more then enough points to twist in everything I have in mind at the moment (although I would like to twist in wings) Right now I have Specialist (necro), Echoes of the Ancestors Arcane (Magister) and Brace of Impact as my twists. Thinking about swapping Echoes for Endless Faith. As an AM I can run a long time on echos but I have had to drink a pot or 2 in the GH epics to put us over in some places where 10% more sp or a deeper echo pool would have gotten us to the end. Once I get another regen clickly from Abbot or make an Epic SSR or Epic TT so I can carry a second sp clickly then I don’t think it will be an issue. But for now I hope the Int/spell pen loss will hurt less then drinking pots.

And finally the other day, Grim was on her tank and we were about to head in to EE Tor when I asked what weapons are you using. And she links a lot of Eh good weapons. She said she has been sitting on a pile of good loot gen Bswords but she kinda wanted the EE Charoush’s Inferno until she could farm up a Nightmare. Well EE Pop’s fire room has been kicking our butts unless we have heavy evasion group. But once everyone logged for the night I thumbed the AH for level 25 items, just looking mostly. When I see an EE Charoush’s Inferno for a song. I nab it and mail it to her tank. I am so winning again. Best part this is totally a win win for me. She is better geared then she was making my weekend EEs way smoother if she has to tank and she will be looking for a way to repay me to try and get back in the nice off we have going on. I swear I am going to start more of these who is nicer pissing contests. ☺