Black Ball’n

So thanks to the support of those of you that donated to the stream over the last few weeks and that 22 hour fundraising stream my new mic and stand is in! This is a big win for the stream and my head. I can finally stream with out having to wear my full headset all the time. I hope this means longer steams with better audio quality. This improved audio quality should also carry over to the different podcasts i do as well as making life in general much nicer for sitting at the computer and streaming.

I just wanted to thank everyone that donated one more time and i will do my best to grow the stream and the various podcasts.


Pop Filter Out of the way.


Pop Filter at work. 

The Ads are Coming the Ads are Coming

Okay that title is a little pretentious, I’ve signed up for Amazon affiliate program. Meaning now when I recommend a product to you, if you follow the link and purchase that product from that link, I in turn earn a small commission off of the sale of that product.

Now if you follow the Trents like I do you’ll notice that they have moved on to a new lifestyle where they are using this kind of program to help cover some of their expenses. And I think that is great. For them, for me and for us.

Product placement is something I’ve done for a long time, just not to the degree that I am getting paid for it. I recommended movies, food, clothes, hell I think recently I started advertising a heater. Well that was for the TalkTiny2Me podcast, but you get the point. I talk about a lot of products that I’m excited about because they are products that I use and I do a lot of my shopping via Amazon so it seemed like a natural thing to try.

If there is a product that I buy I will am all for sharing it with you and hopefully will go to try it. Hopefuly, you like it and you keep using the link so I can continue to make a few cents on the dollar.

Here is the link to my Amazon “store” with a few of the products I keep in stock. I will be adding more as i can but running out of time for the day to work on this.

10000 Refugees and Counting

Many years ago, 14 at least, we were having a 4th of July celebration. My son had a lit sparkler or a punk or something along those lines and he snuck up behind. My family yelled, I turned in the course of events he jammed that lit firework into my hand vs my ass where he was aiming. Funny kid, funny.  The firework basically melted into my hand a good quarter inch or so. It took years for my hand to heal completely. Ever since then not only do I keep an eye on him when he handles fireworks, I watch other people and how they handle fireworks. I don’t let people with fireworks behind me and I make sure that I’m protected from the sides and I also keep an eye on others I like to think of it is once burned twice shy.

Is this fair to anybody that I’m passing judgement on entire group of people where even the person who committed the wrong isn’t the same person? No, not especially but it seems better to error on the side of caution. I bring this up because a good friend of mine Travis who I do a podcast with 2 Trolls & a Brew” posted this picture.



I commented “just do it in Missouri” for those we don’t know Sam Brownback is the governor of Kansas and I live in Kansas. So simply what I am stating is I do not want these refugees to come to Kansas.

I have a list of perfectly logical reasons why 10000 additional people shouldn’t up and be moved to Kansas.

  • Our economy can’t handle 10000 unemployed right now
  • Education our education system at the moment is incredibly taxed with the people we already have
  • Housing, we really don’t have the additional housing for 10,000 new people.

And that is before we add the risk of bad apples sneaking their way into our mist. It doesn’t seem unreasonable for me to say I am not on board with the plan to have the federal government vett 10,000 people and drop them off in my backyard.

Now you want to bring in a small groups of families, bring them to my local community. Let me talk to them. Personally, vett them. I would be more than happy to give a family a place to live, food, whatever they need. More than happy to do that on the small scale that I (capitalize supergiant Mega “I” ) sign off on. And i bet we could find 10,000 willing households to do the same. I would guess a lot of them right here in Kansas.

Unfortunately what I think when I see this sign is a 10000+ strong refugee camp. And that is no good. No thank you.

I think back to a few years ago when the Occupy Wall Street people, Americans in America primarily, were camped out in different major cities and I would read story after story after story about crimes that were going on in these miniature camps of volunteer individuals. Just picture that happening on a scale 10 times as large and a place where the people in these camps feel that they don’t have the rights to report these things and where they don’t have the ability to leave on their own volition.

As I write this I keep going back to the number 10000. I think it might be the massive number that is causing my issues, for example that is a fifth of the population of the town that I’m currently living in. Now if you say bring us a hundred refugees three hundred. No problem.

Should the number of refugees be that important to me? I don’t know and yet it is.

I don’t have the answers to this one. I just have to balance my fears vs my willingness to help. Fear is not logical. It just is. Send me 4-5 and I can help, send me 10,000 and i will see you later.

As always leave comments,


Seeing Red…Cups

DM: As you walk through the hallways of the calendar,  you are ambushed by horrific Christmas monster! Roll for initiative.
Player A: I attack with my + 5 flaming red sword of religious holiday slaying.
DM: Make your attack roll
* Roll Roll Roll*
Player A: Natural 20! Yes! Roll to confirm? 16 + 11 to confirm?
DM: It’s a crit, roll your damage
Player A: 87 points of flaming religious holiday slaying damage to the Christmas monster!
DM oh wait… religious holiday slaying?
Player A: yes?
DM: Oh yeah the Christmas monster doesn’t give a shit about your damage because its has secular.
DM: Best you can hope for is to cast a binding spell to trap it between Thanksgiving and New Years and even then it’s going to test those boundaries again and again

I’ve been asked by a friend of mine to talk a little bit about this red cup shenanigans. I didn’t want to, it feels wrong to even bring it up. But i was asked and sharing my thoughts to those that want to hear them is kinda the point of this blog.

So this is what I can tell you; from my point of view as a bad Christian I don’t care what color your cups are. I don’t care what color the Starbucks’s cups are. And I don’t care what “news” sources say, other Christians are upset about when it comes to cups.

It’s a cup, what does it matter?

Do you I believe that there is a war on Christianity in this country? Clearly yes. 70% of this country identifies as Christian, 2% practice Judaism, 1% in Islam, 1% Hindu, 3% other and 22% no religious affiliation. I’m totally fine with that and when a Jewish holiday is on the calendar, awesome! I’m glad for them. When a Hindu holiday is on the calendar, awesome! To say there isn’t a war on Christianity is just ignorant, Christianity is ridiculed on television and in Schools. It is easy to take pot shots at the big dog. But if there was the same level of freedom in other parts of the world that has a larger % of theses other religious believes don’t you think that they would also be part of the same war?

I said a couple days ago that every thought needs to be defended and Christianity and other religions are no different. But ultimately religion comes down to the question of faith. If you have faith no amount of proof is going to dissuade you from believing that which you believe. If you have faith that there is man made global warming no amount of evidence will prove to you that that is not true. If you believe that your job on this earth is to convert the infidels and if they will not convert kill them no amount of proof will tell you otherwise. If you believe people are generally good and kind people no amount of proof will dissuade you from that no matter what the proof to the contrary might be.

What irritating me right now is that what I am seeing is one very small group of Christians particularly one guy says and I’m paraphrasing here: ‘The fact that there are no symbols of Christmas on this holiday Cup tells me that they are symbolically removing Christianity from the holidays.’ When you wrap it in the little bow of it somebody’s opinion then it’s not a big deal at all. Now this guy makes YouTube videos about his faith to stir up the conversation. And I have no problems with that. But are large numbers of Christians upset? Not that i can tell. But if you look at the social media and the “news world” it almost acts as if Christians are up in arms over the fact that there’s nothing on this red cup and I just don’t think that’s the case. I just don’t think most Christians think that it’s a big deal because it’s not.

Christmas has become a secular holiday meaning that Christians to Hindus in the United States are probably celebrating Christmas even it if doesn’t have the same meaning to one as it does to the other. And that is great!

You’re going to hear remember the reason for the season, and that is a great slogan for Christians to remember Christ this holiday and that’s the reason why as a Christian are celebrating this day not the gifts or the food but Christ. But we also need to remember that we as Christians co-opted this holiday from other pagan traditions. Making it a secular idea even before Starbucks.

If you are mad over the cup get over it; if you are telling people that Christians are mad over a cup, stop it! It is aggravating for no reason other then to try and shame Christians. Would to share an article on how Starbucks put a bomb on a cup to remember Guy Fawkes and how it actually attacks Islam???

Oh and remember the remember the reasons for the season!



Samius is Serous. Well kinda.

Alright let’s give this a try, trying out a new voice dictation app to make writing a little easier.

It is been a couple weeks since I’ve written anything of meaning and it’s because I have had something weighing on me for a little while now. After much soul-searching and talking to my friends about this particular problem, I have been encouraged to bite the bullet and go for it. Damn the consequences!

Over the next few weeks the website will be including more and more meaningful blog posts. Don’t worry, there will still be the same amount of fun loving content, just with more serous content sprinkled in from time to time. This has me more then a little worried because recently it has come to my attention that my beliefs/thoughts are wrong, bigoted, racist and inappropriate according to certain people that I once believed to be my friends. When I start losing friends because of an opinion or my thoughts on a subject, it really troubles me. My criteria for friendship has always been one to include a “thick skin” and a willingness to hear differing opinions.

I have friends from every walk of life; straight, gay, transgender, black, white, brown just about whatever race on the spectrum you want to name, really. My friends vary as do the stars in the sky. And i am lucky to count them as friends. Not that i have never called them all assholes when they need to be called assholes. But I love them and i would protect them at all costs. I’m literally in the epicenter of an amazing group of people where I have absolutely no judgement on their lifestyle but I tease them wholeheartedly and I expect them to tease me back with no limitations on where we can go to make a joke.

Okay now we have the fun stuff out of the way like how I’m a wonderful person and all that bullshit; let’s get to the meat. I am a libertarian conservative; meaning that I think you should be able to do whatever the hell you want as long as A, I don’t have to pay for it and B, it doesn’t hurt anybody. If you want to be a Christian awesome! You wanna be an atheist, awesome! You want to be a Muslim and not blow up buildings, awesome! I literally support you doing whatever it is that you think is best but don’t make me pay for it and don’t hurt anybody end of story.

But I find myself in this weird situation where my Facebook and social media accounts are literally flooded by a wall of what I consider hateful posts. I have friends right now who literally have each other blocked. These guys are long time friends with each other and I don’t understand how do we get to this place where two friends don’t want to know what’s going on in the other person’s life?

For a long time I have looked at something like my Facebook wall as a challenge to be open and willing to hear other people’s ideas, to do my best not to tunnel down and only see the things that I want to see. We are in real danger of blocking out every thing that doesn’t support our own believes. Having somebody question our thoughts and beliefs is the key to making us stronger as individuals and as a group as a whole. If we cannot defend our thoughts and our beliefs with either facts, reasoning or logic then we don’t deserve to have those thoughts.

And you can’t use the argument of you’re a racist. You’re a bigot. Those are not factual statements for most people. I got in an argument with an individual today telling me that Jar Jar Binks was a symbol of racism in Star Wars. A few weeks ago there was a joke being circulated about how the trailer for the new Star Wars movie was anti white and white people should boycott this movie. One it was a joke, two everyone is going to Star Wars, three stop circulating bullshit!

Sorry I got a little ranty right there….

I am trying to cultivate an audience/brand as it were, for people who are interested in my thoughts/jokes/material. When I look at something like the postings on my Facebook Timeline, there are a huge number of comments and posts that I agree with and a like number that I don’t agree with. Every once in a while I will reply on a post as long as I feel is safe to do so. Meaning it is one of the people’s posts where I feel they understand and respect me regardless of what I say or how i say it. Because sometimes what I say is going to come out harsh.

Fact of 21st century communication via the written word: Text removes emotion. As a species we have developed the ability to gather meaning from facial gestures, word inflection, body gestures and more all those things are gone in text conversation. Literally all we have is smiley faces on emojis, which often don’t get the job done.

The reason I’m writing this is simply to say the next time someone posts something on one of your Facebook comments give them the benefit of a doubt. If they reply to a Twitter comment give them the benefit of a doubt. When you get a text message or an email, anything that does not come across with these additional cues give the person the benefit of the doubt. The friendship you might save is yours.

What can you expect from in the future? Looking at the kind of posts that have garnered the most traffic, feedback and conversations, there is an audience out there who wants to hear these thoughts from me good, bad or indifferent. So what you’re going to see is all those times that I try to get introspective or up on my soapbox on the different podcasts (of which if you are a podcast listener thank you very much. You are obviously wise and beautiful beyond your years. ) I will be trying to flesh those thoughts out here.

If you like this post let me know, I appreciate it. If you hate this post, let me know I appreciate it! I’m not going to ban people for having opposing ideas or worry about negative feedback. I’m just going to try to write about the kind of things that annoy me and hope to exorcise these thoughts out of my system. You’re going to hear more about my childhood and all about the things that make me tick. The thoughts i push down as i make it through the day. And yes, its that political time of the year/s. You are probably going to hear about the kind of things that make me want to vote for a particular politician or the reasons I won’t go for a particular politician. All this and dick and fart jokes, I promise.

Much <3s

27 Ways to Be an Actual Man

Last night while doing my normal web surfing before bed i stumbled on to an article that caught my attention. 27 Ways to Be a Modern, Man by Brian Lombardi, published on the New York Times’ website.  Intrigued i started down the list of points that to Brian made someone a man. Some of which are fine, not good but fine and others that just make no sense to me at all.

1. When the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesn’t have to ask her sister for the size. And he knows which brands run big or small.

2. The modern man never lets other people know when his confidence has sunk. He acts as if everything is going swimmingly until it is.

3. The modern man is considerate. At the movie theater, he won’t munch down a mouthful of popcorn during a quiet moment. He waits for some ruckus.

Just the first 3 on his list and i want to force choke this guy right through the screen. So here is my list of 27 things that i think make me an Actual Man. You be the judge.

1, Loyalty. Be loyal to your Wife/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Friends/Family all of it. If you are in a relationship don’t be cheating or trash talking people you want to have your back. It was known as the Golden Rule in the old days, keep that shit in mind.

2, Ability to protect others, namely those you have granted your protection. This point is in contrast to one of Brian’s points, assuming they are in order of importance.

25. The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.

This is just dumb. As long as there are people you want to protect then there will always be a reason to own and use a gun.

3, Be trained to handle a firearm. What i see as the main issue with guns is fear of the unknown. If there was a firearm class in High school that was required to graduate then a lot of the fear of guns would be greatly dispelled.

4, Have a hobby or two or more. To much in today’s life style we work and then zone out in front of the TV, just killing time until bed time to repeat the cycle. Think they call that living for the weekend. Everyone needs to get away from the old idiot box and yes that includes the computer sometimes.

5, Healthy eating habits. I happen to be a big fan of the Paleo lifestyle, yes i am a huge pile of man flesh from all the years of eating a drinking like i was left to die in a candy factory, but i am working on it. If eating Paleo is not your thing i understand, just don’t eat/drink yourself to an early grave if you can help it.

6, Being a parent to any kids you might have. This is really a sub point to the first point, but i want to be clear. Most of you are not donating sperm to a bank. You are making sons and daughters they need good role models. That doesn’t mean you can just send a check. You have to be involved in their lives. It is worth it.

7, Words are just words. Words only have the power to effect you if you give the people speaking them the power to do so. The only people with that power should be those you love and love you back.

8, Be prepared for any natural emergency. It is simple things, a few days of food and water for your family’s needs. A copy of important documents in a easy to access but secure place. I will point to point 2 and suggest that a firearm is a good idea.

9, Punishments must be balanced with the crime. In my house hold we spanked when needed, which was almost never as it was rare that a spanking fit the misdeed. But it was an option. Now most of the punishments we dole out is no Youtube (for fun) or video games and that is for not turning in homework on time. See rule 6

10, Be the Hero you wish you were. If you see something happening that is wrong step up and take action to correct things. Now i am not telling you to be Batman…. Unless you can…. Then be Batman. But if you see someone hitting another person maybe you should interject, if you see someone looking for a meal hand them one.

11, History is a thing.  Just saying learn from your, the nation’s and the world’s past avoid the pit falls that history teaches.

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ – George Santayana

12, Be comfortable with your imitations but test them constantly.

13, Be able to share your thoughts and feelings freely. Let the people you love know that you love them.

14, Hold your Liquor. Drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

15, Honor our armed service. Always remember those who are willing to go into harms way to protect you. Your rights are defended in blood.

16, Respect the Police. Most police officers are just people doing a thankless job trying to keep you safe. The system is not perfect and in many places flawed but we must work with in the law unless we are Batman.

17, Work hard and Smart. Totally stealing that line from Mike Rowe, but we can work hard while being smart about it.

18, Crack a book and not just the newest fiction you love but non-fiction books too.

19, Ask for help. It is okay to ask for help if you need it. No one is going to take away your man-card for asking.

20, Be able to take a joke and joke about ourselves. Not everyone can do this. It is like a super power.

21, Try and forgive those that wronged you. Are there unforgivable sins? I don’t know i am not God. But i really do try and forgive those that have wronged me. I know I have wronged others and i hope that they can forgive me.

22, Take some time for spiritual exploration. I am not saying you have to study religion, but as i bad Christian i hope you pick up a Bible, but you can learn a lot from the different spiritual paths. There is a lot of positive stuff that comes from exercising that portion of your brain or so modern Science says.

23, Question everything you see and hear. There is a lot of information out there, true and false. You have to be the judge.

24, Know yourself. We all change over time, do you know how you have changed?

25, John Wayne was the MAN. Have you seen his best works? How many of this list of movies have you watched? Do you need to expand your movie experience?

26, Play games. I mean card games, board games, video games, and/or physical sports bring your loved ones in on the fun. Games are fun and they keep you on your mental as well as physical toes.

27, Live for today as well as plan for tomorrow. It is hard to have fun today and save and build for the later years. We all are moving into the future and someday tomorrow will be the now. Will you be ready? There is going to be times where your only happiness will come from looking back at the past and being happy with what you remember. But it is a lot easier to look back fondly when you are active and living your life in the way best possible manor.

I am going to throw one more in a overall goal that i have been working towards. An idea totally stole from Scott Mosier.

Life your life with the idea that joy is best in the long run. Pleasure is just a flash in the pan, it is like a drug. It takes more and more pleasure to beat that last high if you are chasing it. But if you live in a constant level of joy with moments of pleasure you will be happier overall.

I am sure i didn’t do that justice. But it was my best crack at explaining it in text.

Anyway, while the title is about being a Man, most of these thoughts can apply to ladies as well.

Much <3s

10 Hours in the ER

Taking this Monday off of Magic, if i have something Magic related i will knock it out later this week. But i want to share for those that don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook the events of this last week.

Last Wednesday was like any other this summer. Remmie went to football practice, the wife was at work and i went in to the backyard and did the gardening thing. While i was out back i heard lots of sirens but i live on a crazy 5 lane street that intersects another crazy street a few blocks down so sirens are not real uncommon. But i was wondering where Remmie was as i could use his help.

When i finished up in the garden, i asked the wife if Remmie was home and she said not yet. And just assumed that he was goofing off with his friends after practice. It happens he is 14 after all. So i jump into the shower. With all my hair gone what was a 20 min affair is down to 5 mins. So i was practically in and out. I step out and start drying off and my wife opens the door with a look of dread i have only seen from her a handful of times, the someone is dead look.

I let her finish her call, getting ready to be all supportive husband guy, when she hands up and freaks out. I get “That was Remmie’s coach. He said some boys just told him that Remmie was hit by a car and he was taken to the hospital.” That was all we knew. Wet and naked, she tried to fall to the ground but i wouldn’t let her.

I fell into cold practical Samius mode starting to order her around. Let work know and get logged out. I started to dress but i herd her fall to the ground and start to slip into a pure panic. I few well placed words snapped her out of it. But mainly the idea that we NEEDED to be at the hospital right the fuck now got her moving.

We were ready to head out in less then 5 mins after that. We would have been out faster but the EMS called us from Remmie’s phone. Told us that he was alive, that he never lost consciousness and he asked him to call us but he would need stitches.

That really helped. Our mental images of Remmie splattered all over the road changed to him getting clipped and hardly hurt at all. That was a sweet break from the nightmares my brain cooked up.

Once we saw him we knew it was better then the worse we had been picturing but much worse then the better that we had in mind.

Now for him it went something like this.

He was riding home with his friend Jeff. For some reason Jeff has crossed Ohio (that crazy street that i live on) earlier that usual and left Remmie on the far side. He was riding like he always does to cross at the pizza hut that is right in front of out house (which has an intersection) when a woman in a huge SUV slowed and stopped in front of him wanting to turn to cross his path. He also stopped to let her pass. But she waved him to go first, he checked for traffic and crossed the street. There was a driver behind the SUV waiting, and she happened to be a former neighbor so we got the rest of the story from her. She saw Remmie start to cross just as a woman flew past her in the inside lane. This woman didn’t see him until the last sec when she hit the breaks and broad sided him in the turn lane. He flew up over the hood smashing out that cars windshield, flying over the car and smashing down on the ground sliding to a stop a few feet behind the car.

My wife wonders if the diver had not panicked and slammed on the breaks so hard wold she have avoided hitting my son as the collision happened in the turn lane. And she wouldn’t have been in the turn lain had she not hit the breaks so hard and lost control… I would rather not think about it. It would drive me super crazy.

Okay lets do some fast forwarding, Wednesday 10+ hours in the ER (not that we needed all 10 hours, just that the ER fucked up real bad in a few ways), 51 stitches in the elbow another 150ish along the shoulder and base of the head. Once that one was done he was complaining of head pain and Tonya went looking and found a 2 inch hole in his head. It just didn’t bleed like a head wound and was missed that took some number of stitches and staples. He was admitted and the doctor had me convinced that we would be out on Thursday. But my kid hasn’t be hurt like this before and was sure his pain level was a 2 so they kept his pain meds lower. But the doc looked at his heart rate for the night and decided to up his pain meds. We asked for those meds and the nurse started to argue with us about what he can have with a pain number of 2… Tonya pissed pulled out her Kindle and found the description of the pain chart, after looking it over he decided he was 5 or 6. And the magic pills rolled in and Saturday his pain management was under control and we were home.

He is asleep as i write this but he seems to be in high spirits otherwise. He even had a friend spend the night last night. It was nice to have someone keep him company. Most of Saturday he just wanted to sit but not be board. We tried to keep him company but we are not teenage boys.

If you read this please try and keep and look out for others. Had the first woman not flagged him on or just went once he was stopped this wouldn’t have happened. Had he seen the other car he wouldn’t have tried to cross. And had the driver that hit him been paying a reasonable level of attention she could have slowed and kept control of her car, avoiding hitting him. I will tell you the one thing i know for sure, you don’t want anything to do with any part of this situation. You don’t want to be hit, you don’t want to be the hitter, you don’t want to be root cause you don’t want to watch something like this. Hell the people not directly involved that saw him get hurt seem to be the most shaken. Just not believing that he is okay. Just be vigilant you really don’t want any part of all this.

Thanks for your positive thoughts.


Gurobo Farm Update: 5.16.14

I taped this on Friday morning. Turns out that i have zero idea what day of the month it is when not sitting at my computer.

Update Update….

Thanks to the wife’s prodding i ran out and bought a in tank heater and an extra filter and low and behold i had a lot less dead fish then i thought, thank goodness! Now if i can just keep what is alive that way things would be great!


Upduckdate 5.16.2014

One of the two videos for this week’s update, a duck update. Right now they are living in the older rabbit cage on my kitchen table. They are super sweet, will come to me if i quack and they will eat greens like lettuce from the greenhouse or some grapes quartered.

Anyway enjoy these littler quackers and tune in later for the normal update once Youtube is done deshakeing it for us.

Other Old Favs?

Remember, (what last week?) how i talked about firing up the old Starcraft. Man i really need a graphic of a flow chart how playing Starcraft makes you watch Starship Troopers with leads to more Starcraft which then flows back to more Starship Troopers which after weeks of that loop leaves you raw to all the furious wanking you end up doing to the sound of killing bugs and nude scenes in amazingly bad movies.

Well in his own way Tobril is also run back down memory lane with his Playstation games, including Final Fantasy Tactics. Which means i now also have a copy of Tactics sitting here and i guess i will finally see about finishing it. Back in the day Tobril was the one that owned all the games and i just got to borrow them and that was only after i moved out on my own. Sometimes he wanted to you know have games at his house and this was one of those games that he just loved too much for me to get too much time with.

This has kinda gotten my head spinning about all my old favs but really most of “my favs” are older then that. And thanks to someone over at Nintendo having a brain i got most of them on my Wii. Which i play almost not at all.

I don’t know if i have a point here, just more of those random ideas rolling around in my head.

Did you rock the Playstation? What games do i need to look at again?