Black Ball’n

So thanks to the support of those of you that donated to the stream over the last few weeks and that 22 hour fundraising stream my new mic and stand is in! This is a big win for the stream and my head. I can finally stream with out having to wear my full headset all the time. I hope this means longer steams with better audio quality. This improved audio quality should also carry over to the different podcasts i do as well as making life in general much nicer for sitting at the computer and streaming.

I just wanted to thank everyone that donated one more time and i will do my best to grow the stream and the various podcasts.


Pop Filter Out of the way.


Pop Filter at work. 

2 Trolls & a Brew – ep 6 “Roses are Green Too”

On this exciting episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew – “Roses are Green Too” we run down the brew report for the week, as well as our adventures in modo.

Is “four color ramp”a real deck”? How about Green White tokens? Abzan is 5 colors now? When did that happen?

I have no idea what is real anymore!

This week we introduce a new feature Magic Online’s troll card of the week: Animist’s Awakening. Can you even cast this thing for g+1?  And we run down our decks from the 25 tix Brew focus Challenge: Ojutai Exemplars.

Samius’ Deck vs Travis’ Deck

Vote for a winner here!

All this and we look at fixing a mono green Collected Company/ Hardened Scales deck by hitting it with money until it is all better and figure out which magic cards would make the tastiest desserts!

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode of 2 Trolls & a Brew,  I know we had fun recording it.

Troll on.

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Going at it Daily!

I just finished my first daily AM stream. DDo was down when i started, so I downloaded Hearthstone and took it for a test drive. Have to say it was a lot of fun and i look forward to my next round of playing it.

Long story short i am going to make a go of building up my Twitch steam community, with the long term goal of being able to quit my evening job and stream. I plan to play a few games, mostly the freeish ones until i can set up a place to make donations to help with the cost of not as free games and a get the subs sorted out with Twitch.

I would love to pick up a sweet sponsor like the Berkey guy over at or Turbine. I would even dabble in some of the other Turbine games if they covered the subs… hint hint, guys!

I have a short list of games to play like:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Hearthstone
  • Magic the Gathering Online
  • Pokemon Online
  • Minecraft
  • Leagues of Legends

But i am looking for more. If you have a game you want me to try leave it in the comments or let me know some how. I really want to make this thing work and that means i need to hit games that you want to watch.