The Ads are Coming the Ads are Coming

Okay that title is a little pretentious, I’ve signed up for Amazon affiliate program. Meaning now when I recommend a product to you, if you follow the link and purchase that product from that link, I in turn earn a small commission off of the sale of that product.

Now if you follow the Trents like I do you’ll notice that they have moved on to a new lifestyle where they are using this kind of program to help cover some of their expenses. And I think that is great. For them, for me and for us.

Product placement is something I’ve done for a long time, just not to the degree that I am getting paid for it. I recommended movies, food, clothes, hell I think recently I started advertising a heater. Well that was for the TalkTiny2Me podcast, but you get the point. I talk about a lot of products that I’m excited about because they are products that I use and I do a lot of my shopping via Amazon so it seemed like a natural thing to try.

If there is a product that I buy I will am all for sharing it with you and hopefully will go to try it. Hopefuly, you like it and you keep using the link so I can continue to make a few cents on the dollar.

Here is the link to my Amazon “store” with a few of the products I keep in stock. I will be adding more as i can but running out of time for the day to work on this.