Other Old Favs?

Remember, (what last week?) how i talked about firing up the old Starcraft. Man i really need a graphic of a flow chart how playing Starcraft makes you watch Starship Troopers with leads to more Starcraft which then flows back to more Starship Troopers which after weeks of that loop leaves you raw to all the furious wanking you end up doing to the sound of killing bugs and nude scenes in amazingly bad movies.

Well in his own way Tobril is also run back down memory lane with his Playstation games, including Final Fantasy Tactics. Which means i now also have a copy of Tactics sitting here and i guess i will finally see about finishing it. Back in the day Tobril was the one that owned all the games and i just got to borrow them and that was only after i moved out on my own. Sometimes he wanted to you know have games at his house and this was one of those games that he just loved too much for me to get too much time with.

This has kinda gotten my head spinning about all my old favs but really most of “my favs” are older then that. And thanks to someone over at Nintendo having a brain i got most of them on my Wii. Which i play almost not at all.

I don’t know if i have a point here, just more of those random ideas rolling around in my head.

Did you rock the Playstation? What games do i need to look at again?


4 thoughts on “Other Old Favs?

  1. Playstation? Nah. But I still have my original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Turbo Grafx 16. I still don’t understand why the Turbo Grafx was not more popular in the US (it was the #2 system in Japan) – it was the first 16-bit console, it was the first console to use CDs, you could get up to 5 players on simultaneously (depending on the game, of course), and it was the first system to have a color handheld unit – and the handheld unit used the SAME cards as the main console.

    I should go dust off my copy of “Bonk” and “Bomberman”…

  2. I started my Playstation buys at Playstation 2. But I loved Ratchett & Clank, Jak & Daxter (both humorous and fun), NFSU 2 (great music and probably the one I enjoyed most from the set). I’m sure there are a few more I’m missing here, they are all stuck in a drawer somewhere 😦

  3. I never personally owned a ps1 but I did know a jackass who did. There was toomba & some helicopter combat game. Those were my favorites. Oh! And nascar!

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