Nuclear Launch Detected

Three of the best werds in any video game ever! Sorry for lack of posts for the last week or so and i don’t really have an excuse… I am smexy however, so lets just move on with a smile and nothing else.

Sometime last week (or the week before) when i was bored in DDo land an old love popped into my head, Starcraft. And i had decided to pickup a couple of copies on the cheep from Walmart. But alas they didn’t have any, which i thought was strange as i remember there always being a copy or 12 in one of Blizzards’ Battle Chests. So i had to wait, until i got home and found 3 copies on Amazon on the cheep. They arrived yesterday morning and i spent the day cleaning up the boy’s laptop.

A quick side note, is there some amount of viruses and spy software that can make a PC develop a life of its own? Because, that was a long as day not having fun. But it is running well now.

Now i can’t take a lot of solace in my victory over the boy in last nights post me getting off work and pre his bed time but it was fun. Knowing that i didn’t have to fend off a zerg rush i was able to jump up the tech tree fairly quickly. And put a “watch dogs” outside his camp. Then i started making a small army of battle ships and nukes. Then once we crossed into bed time my ghost that was chill’n behind his defenses thanks to a drop ship shuck in and softened him up with a few nukes.

There was a moment right after his computer cried out “Nuclear Launch Detected” he asks me if i shot a nuke at him. I calmly said “Would i do that?” He replied “yes” and then there was a boom and his base was in flames. That was when the wife wanted to know what was going on and i started another drop. Quickly made 2 more nukes as my Battle cruisers moped things up.

Think he has the bug in him now. He loves pvp games and this is one where i can give him a challenge. Not like his friends playing Call of Duty and they all suck. No this is a game where i can get the wife rolling as well and have a real blowout of a challenge.

So remember, if you see a little red dot on your screen you better find that ghost fast or else.


4 thoughts on “Nuclear Launch Detected

  1. Nice. I like to build 8 silos and take ghosts in, in pairs – ’round the clock nuking, no waiting (2 nukes kill EVERYTHING and by the time the 5th/6th of 7th/8th nukes land, nukes 1/2 are ready).

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