The Good Life

So last night, after weeks (okay days) of asking, I got the guys to a few of the guys to help me keep my streak running and get some of the “big” raids done and Hard or better for Java.

You know what +25% does to a hard VoD with the first time bonus and all the other little bonuses other the no deaths (there was a living impaired Sorc)? 24K xp.

Oh mama!

We also got a hard shroud done think the final total was 21k plus around 8k on the way from parts 1-4.

I also got a ToD run on Sam done. I kited by the way. It wasn’t bad. I did use the jump-scroll-dance thing a few times. But as long as I kept a fresh cold protection up I was in good shape. Even when I took a few hits. I think Java will be a good kiter as long as the baddies in part 2 don’t have evasion.

All in all it was a good night, think I am going to work on ToD flagging for Java tonight. I hope to get people that owe me a favor or two together and do hard/elite when possible. Both for the Pot favor and to keep the streak going.

Oh, and back in that VoD goggles dropped. And I won the roll. So my hat building might have gotten a little easier. Now I have to go back to the drawing board for an all the time CordOp item… I never thought I would get the goggles on him.

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