Let the Nerd Rage Begin!

Just saw an ad via Ddocast’s Twitter feed about +3 tomes for sale in the ddo store.


Go a head see red. I will wait…..

I noticed last night that I would get some benefit from a +3 Str tome…. Will I run out and buy one right away? Ummmmm

Maybe. Guess like all things, it will come down to cost. If the price is right why not?

I know lots of players are worried about power creep. And Turbine going back on their word. I don’t think they have yet. But they are walking a fine line, that could go bad at anytime…

But I know people will complain on the forums. And I will be good and not say anything, good or bad on the subject. At not anything you didn’t read or see here.

2 thoughts on “Let the Nerd Rage Begin!

  1. I don’t know why it’s such a bad thing. If people don’t want to grind for a tome, let ’em buy a tome. If people don’t want to buy a tome, let ’em wait for one to drop.

    Options are a good thing, IMO.

    • A lot of people see +3 tomes as “raid loot.” Some of these people also see classes as “content.”

      Turbine was very clear when starting the F2P/store model that Raid loot would never be sold in the store. As well as VIPs would get all the content for their sub.

      I talked to a friend about it last night and he/she said “to my eternal shame, I will end up buying several.”

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