A brave 2 Hours

Last night I got to level Samius up some. After getting my anger set and my level 2 sword out of the bank I started leveling.

I went back to Korthos and started with the protect the cyrstal quest on elite. I want to try to keep an elite streak going as long as possible/practical. And I often have issues with this quest. One baddie gets by you and that rock is gone. But not this life.

Moved right along. Clearing out Korthos an elite. Once and done. I was level 2 almost right away. Which is nice. I find Korthos to be not very much xp for the time spent and sometimes I even have my son do the early quests so I don’t have to spend the time.

In the harbor I was worried that I might need to find a group. But thankfuly that fear was ungrounded. Information is key I all ways was able to run at first or second even on a melee wizard. It can be a skills test if you are under built. But if your right on it is not an issue.

Durk’s and B. Path was a lot harder with the lighting bolts flying, took 51 from one bolt and almost croaked. But as I have around 80 HP I was able to down a pot and run a round a corner and choke down a tasty ham. 🙂 Like there is a un-tasty part of a pig…

But hitting the boat/20 res shrines made my life a lot easier.

I did elite, normal, hard and done each quest until New ring leader. NRL is one of my favorite quests in the game. I like the option of bypassing parts of the quest if I am willing to give up some xp. I ended up running a few elites then a hard then normal. On normal I played a little looser with the Hps and went into the final fight with about 50 hps raged up. Bam! Bam! Also known as double crit and I was incapped. With about 20 secs left in my rage. Dang….

I ran the normal, and handing the game over to my son to run the hill’s explorer for me. I was a few thousand xp shy of 4 when I turned over the keys.

All in all I think the bravery bonus is a great thing for low level questing. It is a lot different for higher endgame level questing/raids. But very doable if your willing to put the groups together and lead them.

Any way I think at this rate I will be 10 ish by Monday. Think I will aim for 13 and be happy with what ever I end up getting.

Also I haven’t gotten any builds yet so, if you have one send it to me soon if you want me to try it. If not I might end up a 18/2 bard/fighter… That is too close to a “real” build for my liking.

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