Not Super Sure

I am not real sure what to talk about today. This weekend was about half spent on trying to power level up Samius to 7 to catch up with Fopo. And I made it. I wanted to hit level 10 -11 so I would be with in striking distance of Tobril. But I didn’t get that far.

I have kept my streak running on elite. And I will tell you seeing some of the xp numbers in some of these quests make me sick.

12k for Proof is in the Poison, 11k for Ire Stone, 2k for Guard Duty? How shitty is the xp in 3 barrel cove? Very Shitty.

I think I will be banking xp starting now. I can hardly get all the quests done at level+2 before having to level up. Once the number of quests per level goes down, I can see a real problem of having to go back to do quests again on say hard, normal. But taking an xp hit on those repeats for being over level.

Not sure how to fix things. Maybe I try to do elites at level +1. Then at least I can do hard and normal with out penalties.

Also got up with the wife’s Arty. It is handy buffer to have around. Even at the low levels. And extra d6 can be the difference between one or two shotting a mob. And she seams to like it a lot.

Cove, wow. Does it feel borked to you? The kobolds don’t path well. Often stopping and turning around for no reason. Sometimes so badly you have to pull up torches to get them to move forward. And the maps seem to be harder to mine. The number of crystals feels about half there.

At least I can make some hats, fill up on my summon clickies and I don’t have to worry about building items. With any upgrade binding the item to character, they feel like a waste. Why would I burn a trinket for any of those items? I know someday I will want one of these cove items on some one, but as I don’t already have a plan. I’m not going to bother.

Well that is my weekend in a nut shell. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about how the shroom farming went as I should get the spores tonight.

4 thoughts on “Not Super Sure

  1. The devs said the items in CC were going to bind to Character, but I made 2 items and fully upgraded them. They are still BTA just to let you know:)

  2. The devs are “discussing things” and until then Cove items are BTA. Of course, they probably won’t announce when or what they’ve decided…

    • Hey thanks for the info guys! I was going off the what the box said. Maybe then it will be worth a little time to go ahead and make some extra items.

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