Last night my shroom spores arrived. When I opened the package I was greeted with two little syringes full of what looked like water. That is not what I expected…. Then I looked a little closer and one said something like for microscope use only the other did not. WTF?

Looking around there was a little note saying, Sorry we had to do a swap but they will totally work. And our web site says we can do this. Let us know if there is a problem.

Well bloody hell….

Taking a closer look you can see super then cuts of mushrooms almost totally transparent. So I jumped on line and took a look at their site again and they also sell grow bags that are made to grow via injections.

After buying all the stuff I bought last night for the mushrooms to do it on the cheep I realized buying their grow bags for 30$ would have been cheaper in the short term.

So lets do the shopping list: (2 of everything more or less)

Totes, the ones I found were 11$. They didn’t have a good selection. Or I should say the only ones I found before checking out. As soon as I had payed and was walking out the wife walking next to me says “Would these have worked? They are 6$.”


Post Christmas this year when they are 3$ a tote I am buying a ton of them!

Speaking of the totes I drilled 5-8 small holes in each wall of the tote for some breathing room. Part of the shock price was picking up a new drill as my old one bit the dust a year ago….

Walking around the to pick up some Kleenex. I saw a smaller throw away baking pan. Like for a chicken vs a large turkey, think the idea is to make BBQ in the oven. They were about 2$. Think they will be great. I can put them into the oven for however long at a good hot temperature to sanitize them and the growing medium I got the other day.

The grow medium I am going to try is a small animal litter made from old news paper. It cost about 11$.

The plan is to divide the bedding, soak it with boiling water after I have sanitized the grow pans then put the pans into the oven at super low/off to get some of the water out as well as having a super clean area to work.

Once the beds are back to room temp I will injection the spores and enclose them in a tote. Stick the tote in dark, warm but not hot area and forget for a few weeks. I am hoping that after a few weeks about 6, I will be able to get my first bloom.

So for about 37$ + drill (I am going to lump the drill in here because I could have waited for another project to get a new drill) I am read to go. Tonight get everything going. Wish me luck!

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