Wall of Fire is 3, Lets Go.

Last night I promised the wife that I would help with some cove running.. I am mostly done with the cove but I have been running the same character over and over lately. Where she has been capping alts.

So once we had a mostly guild run going I swapped in to a caster and was given the task of scouting and burning. Running to the first group I walled and turtled up. And noticed I was taking a lot of damage. Look for a repair spell and ding. That was in the first 2 mins of the run.

Once raised I took a little few seconds to look over my setup. Fire wall is 3 repair 9 as it should be but my buffs and whatnot were in the old/old place. Then I remembered the last time I really played this guy was the first time cove was with us.

He went from 18 to cap running the cove and not a lot else… I even lucked sacked in to my torc while waiting for the cove to reopen last year. Since then, I think I might have done a DQ…maybe?

Lesson for the day, get a standard layout going for your alts. And/Or take the time once and a while to play some of your less loved alts.

I will say it was very embarrassing to have so many issues on one of my wiz/rogs. I used to be good at casting things…..

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