One Man’s Cap is Another Man’s Ash…

A shroud, and some quick kills in the battle field capped out Javabot. Finally! If I didn’t finish last night I would be hosed. As it is I might be hosed anyway. By hosed I mean for getting Samius to a cove level by this weekend. In less then an hour after Java was capped Sam was a level one barb.

I didn’t get to do a lot with him, first the wife wanted to cove. And she meant right then! No amount of logic of wait an hour until the channel fills worked, nope right now. So I spent an hour with her getting 100 or so greenies a run.

What is up with the kobolds? More then half the time now they turn around and head back to the start for what appearers to be no reason. I had to pull up torches many times to force koblods down….

Any way, after a bit she loges to watch a show. And I get some Samius time in. I have just started to pull gear out of the banks. And the channel fills. Everyone wants to cove. So fine. I switch back and we get going.

One not great run later and it is late. I epic a few things and log.

Tonight I want get to level 4 on Samius. That shouldn’t be an issue. Depending on how many quests I can run on elite first to keep the Bravery bonus ticking. At 2 my big boy weapon comes online icy burst/holy great sword. Until then dps will suck.

I decided against a TWF barb build. I couldn’t get the stats to work out how I wanted. So tanking dex let me do stats I thought were better.

I don’t have a clear plan. I am making it up as I go along here. If you have a good barb build I could morph into send me the highlights. I had planed on a 12/6/2 barb/rngr/fghr for the TWF. But now…

Anyway, I got a lot of things going on in my personal life atm. Some job hunting and whatnot. So keep me in your thoughts please.

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