Sorry, We <3 but You have To Go…

Tobril and I had the talk again. The one involving trimming the guild members again. Here is our issue, for the last year or two the Defense Guild’s numbers have been on the decline. Sorry active members. Having 15-20 people and 4 active members earning renown can be tough. Once they go inactive status however, it is not a big deal.

But this is where we get issues. A guy that has been gone for 2-3 months hears about U11 and pops on to check things out. Gets all excited and plays for an hour or two. Then logs for the night with a see to tomorrow. And we don’t see him/her for another 3 months.

And he rolls up something a concept that works better in another guild. Say a theme builds like the Halfling Commandos. And wants to work on that alt. Sure no problem. But logs on to guild alts to get something out of the bank once a week. Never says high, or replies to guild chat….

So we did some trimming. Alt that hadn’t logged on in 3 months out. Now a lot of my side projects got the ax. Mainly due to our leader not knowing what alt belongs to who. Why this is not something the guild leader can see in the guild panel I will never know.. At least color code Alt names of like accounts. So say Java and Samius are blue and Tobril and Holybott are green. So at least the leader can say oh Sam rolled up a new alt, an Arty named Excedrin. As apposed to who in the Hell is Excedrin?

I would also like to have a way to send through the game email to a guild member. Player X plays every day and out of the blue is gone…. Is player X okay? Days roll by and no word. It would be nice that there would be some way to say and maybe this is just the guild leader to push an email to the email account of player x. For while we had a guild web site for this with forums for this kind of out of game communication, but if they are not getting to game are they checking the guild forums? And say if they are hurt a family member might, might check an email account and shoot a quick reply. Player x was in an accident and is in the hospital. But will be okay.

I guess I would like some better guild tools to help manage all this guild stuff.

Say set up an ally guild list. Members of that guild could enter the other guild’s air ship so many times a day kinda of thing.

The color coding by account for guild members.

Maybe let the guild leader set a time a member has to play to move off the inactive list. Say one of the once a monthers log on and we set it for so many hours of play they would have to meet that minimum number of hours to have their guild renown count and before they would adjust the guild status.

Any way a few thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Sorry, We <3 but You have To Go…

  1. Color coding by account could get overwhelming with the big guilds. 200+ accounts, could you really tell the difference between all the shades of green?

    They really just need to add an Officer Notes type section. Each characters has a spot for about 20 characters. Just drop in the main character name into the notes and bam, confusion goes away.

    • Trying to handle account identification by hand would have the same issues that we have now. Someone didn’t record it. Or it doesn’t get done because it is not needed until it is needed and then it is too overwhelming.

      But i can see your point on huge guilds running out of easy to see colors. Maybe a simple guild account ID and you could do a sort/search by id to make identification by account easier.

    • Your short, deal with it.

      And no i am not leaving Defense. No matter how many little ladies you send to my tent while on the road. 🙂

  2. I think that a good way to have guilds show alts is a hover/toggle mechanism for individual members. Say you want to see player x’s guilded alts, clicking his name in the guild listing would highlight all his characters.

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