Fancy Hat Time

With the cove, gone but promised to return I am looking at the pirate loot again with the idea that I know there is an item or two that I want to get made.

Right now if you look at Javabot you will see that I am wearing a cove hat. It is Concentration 10/ Greater False Life. And I like the way the bling hat + the gold cog store skin looks. And I love it with the wings out. I am golden smexy!

But at twenty I will epic a Blademark’s Docent with the new changes my GFL will become unnecessary. Opening up the possibility for a better hat. And while I could look at epic items for a better hat, I like the look of the The Admiral of Bling and/or the Captain’s Chapeau.

So I need to plan out a hat around my current end game gear and my planed end game gear. And they are not super different, a shard or two off.

Looking at the hat list things I am missing that I can handle with the cove crafting are:

Natural Armor – AC is for people more grindy then I.

Superior Potency – This could be nice as I do cast a few spells that this would hit, including all of my attack spells….

Seeker – At cap would there be a reason not to wear my blood stone? It is not like I have extra of the really good (mostly)permanent trinkets… Now it is VoM most of the time unless I am sure that there is not going to be xp coming in, or need a temporary swap for a skill boost or a clicky…

Archmagi I am not 100% sure but I think I am using wiz6 from my cordOp. At the time that was good enough for SP. Now? Maybe not but I could do a belt swap at shrines for Archmagi.

Sneak Attack – I don’t have any SA damage atm. I built Java with the plan to be a viable tank. But swap out of some hate, and it would be easy to let someone else take the hate. Also I could blind the hell out of baddies with holy aura….

As for skills there is only 2 I am really worried about, Concentration and Intimidate. By now I would normally not bother with a Concentration item on a non monk, but with the quicken/heal bug I don’t want to die do to a failed Con check. And right now I am using a Circle of Hatred for Intim but I could go +15 to either one of the skills of the skills or build tow hats to cover both…

So this is what I am thinking, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.

Hat D for default: Sneak Attack + Concentration.
Hat R for rest of the time: Seeker + Intimidate.

My thought is if I am in normal questing mode and using holy aura SA and Con is more important then Intimidate and I will be using my blood stone. But if I want to be sure to get that intim and keep it then I want to swap in to my HoGF also for a little more boost. I want to replace that missing Seeker if I can. Also this gives me the option of doing SA+Seeker+intim+con if I am willing to wear Hat D+BloodStone+Circle of Hatred when I don’t want to focus on just one thing.

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