17/Raid Ready .. In on Elite

I leveled to 17 Sunday afternoon. And wings are still great. If you don’t like the changes, give yourself a 9 sec cool down. After a few mins with a 9 sec cool down, 3 secs and 6 in rapid session is a ton better. I know a lot of older fvs are hurting and I am sorry. But from my air Sorc life the changes are great.

But that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about keeping the bravery bonus up while raiding and questing with 20s.

Which is hard. Because I really don’t know what to say…. It blows?

Have you been in the raids on hard/plus with pugs since U11? It is not that they are really harder, but more Hp does equal longer. And randoms don’t always have the staying power that your guildies/channel pals do. And relying on incoming heals and raw power to push you through might not work any more.

It might take… dare I say it?… good play.

Oh I did it now. I got my fire res, and firestorms on so flame me if you want to. But it is true. You can’t count on the play skill of a given pugger to be at a certain level above poopy. Tr wings aren’t a good way to assume skill level any longer. There are a lot of bad players that get to cap and then TR.

The desire to keep the streak going when it comes to first time raids are going to be shaky. I was able to flag Java for shroud running on hard. I have something like a 13 run streak. Litany, vale, a handful of other quests. It is not long, but U11 is not real old yet ether. But I have seen the jump in xp running them on hard with that bonus.

The thing that is catching me now other then wanting to get the raids going now that I am 17 is most of the people I play with is already capped. So now that I can play with them I am limited to level 18(n) or better quests. And while there is a few of those quests their xp/min ratio is often not real high. I know soon I am going to want the xp from the basic raids. I am not a big raider but I do like seeing those big numbers pop up.

And the sooner I have Java capped or super close to cap the sooner Samius can talk to a tree about some fire.

One thought on “17/Raid Ready .. In on Elite

  1. Did a second shroud on elite – some people were confident that we could do it just fine because we had 5 or so casters with a lot of SP. Everyone got a rude awakening in both part 4 and 5. More fort and more HP doesn’t make for a better more fun experience.

    I don’t mind failing, losing, wiping, getting GS smashed to pieces if it’s fun. My grinding down HP is what made the OLD Epic boring and now it’s back with a revenge with end bosses. It’s like the devs didn’t learn why Epic was so boring before?

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