I want to talk about prepping

How long can you go on if you lost your job right now? If a storm rolls in and your have to go with out power for an extended time? What if there is a huge fuel spike and gas doubles?

Can you handle those things? I think I can some, but not all of them. But I am working on it.

I have talked some of the things my family is doing to be ready for some kind of emergency but I don’t think I have talked about how to get started.

Next time your at the store picking up your normal grocery list pick up some extra can goods that you normally eat. That is a fairly easy place to start. This weekend my wife and I went to the store to get some things because we got the grilling bug. While we were there we went down the can row. They had a ton of 10 for $10 items. So we picked up extra can goods, not a lot but some. And extra 2 of this and 2 of that, all in all maybe an extra 10$ we hadn’t planned to get on this trip. But now we have a few more days of canned goods ready to go.

In most of the US it is time to plant the winter veggies. I hit Lowes a few weeks ago and bought a few 5 gal buckets for 2$, a bag of potting soil, and a few veggie plants. I took a bucket and put a few holes in it put it in side a bucket with out any holes and planted my portable garden. I can move them any time, they can go out side on the back porch or inside under a window with the shades open. Easy. In a few weeks I can have a real garden fresh salad any time.

Do you have a grill? Do you have enough fuel to cook out tonight if your stove doesn’t work? I have a charcoal grill so I know I don’t having just cooked out last night. But I have have my turkey fryer stand ready to go with ample propane if my stove doesn’t work. And an extra bag of charcoal is on the list for the next big shopping trip.

Here is the deal. I just read an article were it claimed that there are about 46 million people at or below the poverty level. And if your reading this then odds are your not there. But it went on to interview some people and they talked about how quickly they went from normal people with real jobs to where their at now. It can be a fast slippery scope.

Take a little time and think about these things. And don’t say “If something happens I will just be screwed so I might as well enjoy myself now.” Take some baby steps to help yourself in advance.

One thought on “I want to talk about prepping

  1. Everyone should be able to have enough long term storage food put away for a week per family member. Pasta, dried beans, canned foods, no matter what. NOT having it is foolish, natural disaster can happen at any time and without warning.

    Same thing as car insurance; you don’t need it untill you NEED it.

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