Sweet Sixteen and Xps

Last night Java was almost forced to level to 16. I was a little short but the number of level 14 quests were getting a worth while amount of xp from was getting a little light. So after burning the 13s on hard and some on elite and some of the 14s on hard too. I said that is it. I am on the last rank any way. Level time. So minor victory.

So now 15s are on the block, but there is new tasty xp bonuses. I am not sure they are super clear on how they work but I want to share my understand of how they work.

First of all it is all based on first time doing a given quest. If it is the first time for a quest then one of 2 counters goes up or they both get reset to 0. So you have two counters, one for hard and one for elite. The higher these counters the better your bonus is going to be. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I think you can get an lot of extra xp. I looked them up you get a stacking bonus of 5% for hards and 10% for elites. And stacks up to 5 times. Not sure if that is additively or cumulatively.

If it not the first time going a given quest then you get changes to your hard/elite counters.

So if the first time you do quest A, and you do it on hard then your hard counter goes up one. If you do quest A again there is no change to your counter. Bravery bonuses are only given on the first time ever runs of a quest.

So move on to quest B and do hard, +1 hard counter, and a larger bravery bonus to xp. But then so go to C quest you haven’t done it this life and do normal, hard = 0 and elite=0.

Also there is a with in 2 char limit of the normal quest level. So if your doing a level 4 quest on hard making it level 5 and you want to work your bravery bonus you had better not be higher then level 6.

So my plan is to start making first time runs on hard making the quest at level. Then then go ahead and back down to normals and then hit an elite. By doing that I think I can keep a good bravery bonus going. It might even be worth it to do a bit of a loop and hit 5 on my counter and then hit a big xp quest on elite first time through for a huge bonus.

Encased you missed it the first time bonuses got changed also, elite is a whopping 80% now. So say a 10k quest on elite 80% with a 25% bravery bonus + 25% kill bonus + 10% vandal +10 for not dieing +10 for not reentering + 5% vom + 2% ship equals just huge. I did some what I think was bad math and got almost 300%, I think that is lower as some bonuses are to base xp and some are to total xp.

Anyway low level xp is going to get a lot better. Mid levels???? I am not sure about yet. But I can’t wait to see.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen and Xps

  1. Looks to be;

    157% bonus to base

    25,700xp total

    for a 10k xp quest. The Pit on elite near level is looking to be a pain I can’t afford to live without.

    • I would say your closer then me. Last night i ran a 10K quest and got 15K.

      With some bonuses lost…. Elite Demons Den. We were surprised by some traps.

      I will say hard litany first time with the 25% xp bonus was a little over 24k for 11 mins. πŸ™‚

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