A Forced Night Off

Well no ddo for me last night. The router died and then my cell battery died. So there was no internets for me. Now I know some of you don’t play every day but for the most part I do. At least for a few minutes, even if all I do is log on and watch youtube videos and play wait and see if the channel brings me something to pull me away from youtube. Normally I am on some amount of time.

So I had a night off. What did I do? Read. Yep I walked the talk. What I mean by that is when someone says they can’t play I point them to a book. Normally a good book. So when presented with the same problem I took my own advice, and read.

So I finished the Harry Dresden book I was reading. I really enjoy these Dresden files books. I also really liked the short lived TV show. But they are totally different. They took names and very general ideas and that was about it. As most things the books are better. I might do a pod on them some time. Maybe one themed books that got made into TV shows.

Speaking of TV, my summer shows are wrapping up. If you missed Suits, Necessary Roughness or Against the Wall check them out.

I that is about it. Got in some extra puppy time, did a messed up parent teacher conference. The kid’s Science teacher is smoke’n hot. Hope I wasn’t drooling. Didn’t see a wedding ring, wonder how she might feel about joining the Samius Commune a little early. 🙂

Oh and before bed I knocked out a few chapters of Food from Water. I was thinking it was more of a aquapoincs book when I bought it. Turns out it is more a harvest and growing in a rural environment. Damn Amazon. But it has some good information in it regardless.

Well pray that the overnight delivery gods favor me and that the new router/modem come this afternoon and game can resume tonight.

If not, I guess it will be Shard of Axe time.

One thought on “A Forced Night Off

  1. The Samius Commune will have a legitimate need for instruction in the science subjects. Like anatomy. And biology. Reproductive cycle, etc.

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