Until My Eyes Bleed

Oh sorry that is the answer to a question. What question? How long do you have to grind to get the last piece of the litany sigil? And that is my answer, until my eyes bleed.

So last night after staying late at work, I got home and made ready for some down time. Watered the plants, removed my pants, mostly payed attention to the wife telling me all about her excursion to the furnisher stores. I got my PC fired up and ready to go, when I am told I am going to the store to look at the items she has narrowed the selection down to. Growl…

So I ask when and I am told now. Double growl. So we go to the first place, yes the first place, and I am told how she doesn’t like this one. Upon asking why I am here then I am told it is 100$ cheaper then the one she wants. And we wouldn’t have to order it, we could take this one.

I get in the car to head home and end up at another store….Growl. After a few tryouts she finds the couch she likes. A few no goes I found and ottoman I liked, but that was no matter. So we take a look at the couch and it is a couch. Long story short I am not sure why I was needed as we ordered the couch. Plus we end up getting that ottoman I liked. 🙂

So after shopping we pick up dinner and finely head home. I had some paperwork I was going to do before ddo but it was late and I was tired so I went straight to killing mobs.

I ran to Ghosts again and began the loop of doing the quest, getting the end reward and doing the quest again. Lets just say I did get my last part. But in the final chest I got the left frame, another bracer and the first ransack message. It was 9ish and I went to bed, with sore eyes and a total lack of will to go on.

Tonight however, I hope will be a different story. I am flagged for litany. I almost have to level up to 16, so lots of quests are at my finger tips.

I need to take a detailed look at the new xp thing. There might be a need for some hard and elite runs of these orchard quests while there is big xp to be had. And I need to do more then a few loot runs in the new content. It looks like good times, and unless there is an end fight that is way out of balance for the rest of the quests they seem fairly easy. But I have heard things about the raids that make me thing there is the real challenge. But what do I know?

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