Do Clothes Make the Man?

One of the many things I like using a Monk shell when I TR is or was that getting a fair AC that mattered and that it didn’t come from armor. Which was good because until level 16 when my full out amp dragon touched armor came online the armor slot was for what ever hit my fancy.

I have crafted robes/outfits of Invulnerability at level 0, Life shield of Invulnerability not too much later. I have a few other options lying around like Life shield of False Life and plain old Greater False Life all with med or better guild slots of coarse. I also have some Garments of bigger fists for times when I want to use a stance other then earth.

On a side note, i would totally do the starter rag thing if they had guild slots on them…

But with the changes to the dragon scale armors I have been looking at burning some of my saved sets.

I have been collecting scales for years. Using them very sparely. In fact before last night I only used one set ever and that set is still sitting in Healz’s bank in case I decide to TR him. I have at least one set from each of the GH dragons. In the case of black I think I have 3 sets which is good as I think black is one of the better sets now.

Back to burning a set I did as part of a giving myself a little reward for sticking to my guns and getting Sam to 14 before logging last night. I felt even if I just use it from 14 to 16 for the next 3 lives it will be worth it. But I think I will get more use out of it then that.

Lets just look a little at the black set incase your not up to speed on the changes.

+8 armor, Haste Guard, Armor-piercing 10%, Relentless Fury, and Greater Acid Reist…

Breaking it down:
+8 armor vs the Jidz’s +5 wow all of 3 more AC so what is that .01% less hits?

Haste Guard, Money! If we all get hit now at least there is a chance to get hasted and kill the guy hitting me a little faster.

Armor-piercing 10%, I don’t know about you but I really see the difference in my incoming damage from before every monster had a way to bypass some fort. Now it is my turn.

Relentless Fury, to me this is the big one. The reason I am willing to give up Life Shield. So as long as my level is at or below the quest I should nearly always have the 5% bonus to damage while solo or shortmaning content as the CR of the mobs is always above you if your around level. Sounds kinda sexy to me.

Well I will try it out tonight. And if it works out really well I will let you know.

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