How Hard it is…

I really want to tear into the new Batman film, but as I am sure many of you didn’t see it yet I wont do so. But it is hard not to get into it. So I will talk about what is doing on for me in DDo.

I have been leveling kind of slowly the last few days. I felt that the quality melee soloable level 10-11 quests are kind sparse. Leaving me to run a lot of sands stuff a little under level. I made a pass through the walk-ups keeping my elite streak running. Followed up with me grinding some of those quests into the ground. Getting me to level 13.

But when I tried to step things up to OOB and WizKing I stumbled over and over and over again. Sometimes “I” failed the run and others the quests/lag did me in. Twice in WizKing two arcanes lighting bolted me to death from outside a locked lever room while I was clearing trash. Once I ran past and area of spinning traps and was ¾ up the hallway past them when the trap damage caught up with me taking me from full (400ish hp) to dead. I thought maybe I forgot my Death block item and failed a save but reviewing the log I took a beating from the traps. Btw I never even saw the traps until my ghost ran back to see what traps…

Super cool bugs guys.

Long story short I decided after the 5-6 failed run in a row on elite that I needed to stop banging my head against the wall and make an adjustment. So I turned on some music and stepped things down to hard.

First of all, once you adapt to the xp from an elite streak hard is so so at best. But the quest is super easy allowing you to run 3 runs in the same time it would take to run the same quest twice on elite. I am hoping to return to an elite streak in GH.

I was able to grind out enough xp to make 14 before logging for the night last night. Doing so involved ran sacking the wizking chests and that last run was on elite and it took a long while with a few hireling deaths.

Well that is good enough for now. Look for a bonus post later today. Oh and also incase you missed it there is a new CtH up on the website,

2 thoughts on “How Hard it is…

  1. I have been playing DDO, as a F2P player, for a few years, rather casually to the point i have only recently tried TRing. I now have my toon ‘back’ to lvl 19, with mainly exclusively running a HARD streak. Along the way, I have gotten Elite streaks going, but have not given too much though in breaking Elite and joining groups running quests/chains on Hard. I guess that I would rather run the quest, and finish, than to wait forever for massively Elite groups.

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