A Night of the Mad Lootz, Yo!

So epic Tuesday started of well enough, once we started up. Tobril and I headed off to do a DQ. With the changes epic hard is about the right amount of work/challenge for the two of us to solo on melee alts. Turns out we didn’t need to plan on just the two of us as a few more people jumped in as we were flagging. And they joined us for the raid.

We mostly got skunked in the raid chest but it turns out to be a 20th for Tobril and he ended up taking a piece of gear he was missing from his collection. My reward list was fairly solid and I almost took a random drop that looked solid enough to use on an alt or two that is kinda gearless over a chr tome but going a double check that tome was +3 and unbound. Hmmm think that tome might be a little more of a help…

We loose some and gain some as the rest of the mountain time people get logged in as we wrap up a chrono. Stole a cloak scroll from a random trash mob in the sewer. And I picked up a seal I didn’t have so even thou there wasn’t any shards worth anything (think the staff was in the chest..) I was happy.

Moved on to some loot running type epics in hope of getting some more parts for the tower shield by running Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overload. Don’t remember any worth wild pulls seal or shard wise but hey you never win if you don’t try. I did pull a ring with a large guild slot in it ☺ from the reward giver.

I also noticed over the night it seem like everyone in the group pulled at least 2 epic scrolls, one guy got 3 and another 4 I think. Not a horrible pull record from where it was before, now if we can just get some seals and shards…

Then we moved into the FR and knocked out that first chain. After the first three quests we went back and gathered our rewards and got ready for the capstone quest and in my first reward list was a +3 con tome. Winner Winner.

So my hall for the night was 2 +3 tomes, a large guild slot ring one good Chrono scroll and some random Web scroll. All in all: Mad Lootz Yo.

Btw, I am watching Breaking Bad (it is a new show to me, Netflix streaming Ftw) so Yo might work its way into my writing some…

So <3s Yo!

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