Back at the end of September I decided to start a DPS project, over the weekend I was able to cap out that alt’s last epic level and really begin the gear/destiny grind. Wooooo????

I have to say I really enjoyed getting Darth to where he is, leveling this kind of alt is a real eye opener when you build more well rounded guys all the time. Having a guy that says okay I am just full on DPS/AMP and someone better heal me really goes against my grain. Hell even with that as a plan I cheated and still use the helf Clr dilly/a 36ish umd to heal/buff myself. So I only really put my “life” full time in others hands in raids and even then I try and simi look after myself.

Although I think saying and doing this will crush Tobril’s hopes that now that Darth is capped I will put him back in the “other” pile and let him rot; but I want to try and keep in the roster. I do want to have the true dps guy sometimes. So I need to get a huge seeker item someplace (thinking armor atm) and I massive two hander wouldn’t suck.

Anyway the title of today’s post is 3967, this is my current biggest crit to date. I was Blitzing, which I really love btw. I am working my way over to Fury so I don’t get to play in my maxed destiny super often but I was the other day and I was able to get a simi large stack going and I crit a guy on a 19-20 and bam. Not the biggest one I can get with my current set up, I don’t thing. My target wasn’t stunned and I don’t think I had a full 10 stack but still for a +5 holy burst/Vamp falcon min lvl 20, 3967 is a good hit. Better then any crit I have gotten before…. If I can get one of those +10 seeker armors and a big Web two hander I expect to beat that number simi often. But still it is nice to know that any smuck that tries can be a crit monster. Kinda like back when with AC. Just no one bothered to try…. I wonder how many people really care about DPS and how many just think that they have OK DPS and call it a day?

I never really want to know….


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