Needed to Get my Head in to My Role

Something strange happened yesterday right before logging off Sunday afternoon. The DG/HotDW failed a quest… Yes that is damn strange for us and after a little thought on my 2/5 hour round trip drive that followed I think I figured out what happened, we had not yet gotten our heads into our roles. Let me explain.

Sunday, morning I wanted to cap out Darth (which we did btw) and did so by running the Druid Deep chain. So I was on zerg keep my Master’s Blitz running as long as possible mod. Tobril for example was on his namesake alt so DPS monky goodness (Not a Bowonk because he doesn’t like the name) Will was rocking the DPS on her Monk… Okay almost everyone was on a high DPS alt…. Then we switch to do a quick EE because this will be the last run that the Wife and I will be able to do.

I swap to Samius, Tobril his Tank and Will her Clr. Closer to our normal party but with Tobril and I flipping roles. Now that Samius is capped and ready for EEs again I think Tobril and I have an unspoken agreement that Sam is our epic caster and Tobril normally does our tanky stuff.

First fight of the quest, I zerg ahead and start insita-killing trash, but due to being in an off destiny things don’t happen as well as it should. Swapping tactics I am CCing and dpsing while watching the battle. I start to notice a few things but nothing overly bad, but clearly not the normal plan/style. The next two fights we start to find our footing a little better I CC a little differently waiting for Tobril to do his intim first. A few fights he intimed just before the trash would have hit the CC and prevented the CC from hitting some trash. But we are finding our grove.

We move on a little more when we get to a fight where there are some perched archers/casters. Here we CC and get things going. He intims I web and then start to get the archers CCed up when ½ the part goes to sleep and then I am stunned and people start to go squish…. There was a few things that happened right there vs how I normally handle things.

First of all most of the time I am the defacto “leader” I am constantly squawking out tactics and how I want things handled. Like I am going to pull back here, lets set up CC, etc. But I see that tactics talk as the “tanks” job at least in 6 mans.

6 man tanking is, to me, a lot different then raid tanking. In raids you are there to tank a few given mobs (most of the time) vs having to tank any given number of mobs at any/all the times.

So in my mind there was a commutation issue that happened. I know Tobril also felt is as there was some comments to that effect that you will see after I explain issue two.
Two, fight positioning. We didn’t set things up in the most tactical ways to use the terrain to make life easier. Which is strange as normally we do much better at that…. In the wiping fight we set up in a position where a few ranged mobs had line of effect on us. Which lead to my death and a few others as those ranged mobs took my sleepy/stunned body as a sign to shoot me. But also they shot up everyone else too at that caster/bard up on the ledge CCed us for his DPS to clean us up.

So as we wiped I asked what hit us with sleep? And I got the reply the bard. Oh,.. “Why didn’t we pull around out of those ranged guys anyway? I normally do?”

Tobril replied with something like maybe you could have commutated that before we wiped. Which I replied setting up the fights is the tanks job…

But I felt my anger rising and decided it was best to go ahead and head out as we needed to go in about 30 mins anyway and that wouldn’t be enough time to try again once everyone ran back as the key to Eveningstar has a stupidly long timer.

So maybe my role needs to be one in at the party level? Or maybe we needed a little warm up quest as we had all had our dps hats on for some simple eHs and switching to our eE set ups we need a little more mental focus? Not 100% sure but I will find out soon enough.


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