Normally I am not a big fan of axes. They have a place in my tool box, but normally I use them at low levels for impressive one shots. But over all axes feel very swingy to me and as I get into the levels I like my damage numbers to be consistent. I like knowing for example with in 8-15 points what my damage rolls are going to be, even if that means I am doing less damage over all. To me it allows me to plan things to prevent “Its him or ME” moments.

I am doing 90s points a swing.
The mob has about X hp left x/90= y swings.
Mob is hitting for Q so I have Q/hp= hits left.
Do I need to move off and heal?

We all have that same mental guess work the methods are not always the same however. Some people (like me) do fast guess work math; others use the seat of their pants “feelings”.

Darth, so far has been a falchon kind of guy. He was when he was a barb and that just stuck around as a fighter. As a Kensei let me tell you criting on a 14 and better is sweet and with all the different prereqs to make kensei 3 happen if the mob can be crit and I roll that 14+ I will crit. But even with a x2 I am getting very large swings, most crits are in the 300-500 range but my biggest so far has been 1693. So there is a little room in the how hard do I hit department.

My plan was simple, farm web for
And be happy.

But then shards and scrolls started to happen and suddenly an epic Antique in is reach.
Which is kinda the king of dps DR breakers unless you have a stack of the right temp augments to slot in as needed, which I don’t….

Meanwhile, Tobril has been working on his tanky guy and has been talking up the some of the Axe abilities in Legendary Dreadnought. Namely Headman’s Chop… +1 to the multiplier with axes on a 19-20…

Those two things and the endless web hunting for the Breach made me wonder if a
wouldn’t be more damage, IF I could live with the swingy nature.

Running a Web last night I pulled (okay was passed) a
And it was doing 100-120 a hit before crits, which really is a major step up over my other S&B weapon
other hammer

IDK, what do you think of this on my Kensei?
LD layout

First of all switch to Greataxes so crit range goes back to 18-20 (1×2+1=3) but the crit multiplier gets huger?? With lots of Seeker, Overwhelming Critical, all the Kensei damage boosts I can’t see an easier way to get those massive crits then to switch to the Greataxe… Can you?

Anyway, thanks DDoWiki.com for the images.

2 thoughts on “I LOVE Me NICE Axe!

  1. I use epic Antique greataxe on my fighter with the PrE. I slotted a +7 Quality on it and it crits in the range of 600-1300 most of the time. I’m kind of fond of the barb destiny tho – while the fighter crits quite good the guaranteed adrenaline super crit of the barb destiny is nice as well.

  2. Barb friend of mine swears by the epic antique. And even counting my banshee, powerword, finger of death, pk, and several others, AND even considering he is 5 levels below me, he puts me to shame in kill count when he runs around swinging that big hatchet.

    But, and this is what I find most interesting, without that axe he to me is a ranch house to a skyscraper.

    Evidentlly that axe has something big going for it.

    I had fun reading =D

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