The Loot has been Good Lately, Real GOOD Even

So I have talked a lot lately about things that happened in my vacation gaming bender but something I have hinted around but haven’t come right out and said is that the loot gods have been simi generous to me for the last week maybe two weeks now. And just as a memory test and hopefully sharing a little hope I am going to list a few things.

Litany – Boom max Int is totally possible for Samius if I was a Drow…. Meanwhile in the land of Hps I will just have to live with a max Int for a non drow/human person. Yep that means I now have both chase items for maxing Int, Litany and a +5 tome.

2 Abbot Seals, in 6 runs (did one last night and the party was mostly skunked) I got these 2 seals and that litany. Now I have one left and a clean Litany. ☺

Antique Greataxe
Marilith Chain
Darkstorm Helm
Bow of the Silver Flame
Hell Fire Cross Bow (for the Alt account)

New Seals:
Marilith Chain
Darkstorm Helm

Some of these are real funny as Tobril has been chasing the Dark Helm for a while now and I luck sacked into them either while he was off doing something else like a Web with out me or otherwise not around. Also when I pulled the Helm Shard I went to check my list and mean while the group leader starts sending me tells and saying things in party to the effect that he had need chasing this shard. So when I return and loot the thing, as I didn’t have one, he is a little displeased and takes off taking the other healer in the small pug of melees. But what do I care and me and the other melees rock the quest a few more times with 0 need for a healer. Then last night just because I hadn’t ransacked the chest yet the wife and I did 3 or 4 zerg runs and pulled the matching seal. So looks like As400 will be exchanging his hats after all.

That Hell Fire is now the main weapon on my Alt account arty. It is a little better then the Holy Burst/Righteous that I crafted him up like 10 levels back.

And maybe I can dig up a seal for that Great Axe and then pull a Cleaver, Hewer of Suffering then I can go all Axe for my dps guy and rock a larger crit number if I loose critting on like a 14. ☹ Btw my shitty +5 Holy Burst Silver epic Falcon of Vamp got a few 1300+ crits so far now. And one 1693ish crit. I feel like a real dps alt now. Sure I need a healer to keep me alive on anything harder then eHs and my saves are shitty and around 800ish Hp I am not super uber in the hp department…. Where was I going with this????

Oh and now I have everything but the base item to make an Epic Marilith Chain for Darth, But I am also less then 10 reds and a few coms away from a FR red set so it is a race to see what Seeker +10 armor I can make first.

Okay that helps some, time to focus down and finish this project that my boos wanted done by the start of the new year, that he has given me 6ish months to work on so far and I figured that would take 18 months…. Yeah that is my life right now.


3 thoughts on “The Loot has been Good Lately, Real GOOD Even

  1. Sheesh, that IS good luck. Comic and I have been running the Eveningstar flaggers Epically off and on for quite some time, even doing ransacks of that first chest in Servants, and we have been getting skunked, always. Did the whole chain last night, ZERO scrolls, 1 Seal of the Fury of the Flame, which I already had, no shards. That’s it, and that’s the way the runs have been for us for some time. 😦

  2. The loot gods have been throwing stuff my way. In 2 complete runs of web of chaos I netted 4 scrolls, 2 shards and 1 seal. None of which I needed nor wanted for any of my toons and put the lot up for roll.

  3. Update: After reading this we decided to do a ransack on Lords of Dust. 7 runs. ZERO scrolls, ZERO seals, 2 Shards. That’s what I pulled. Comic had ZEROS across the board.

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