Lets all Cry about My Web Fail

Some time this post Christmas pre New Years we had the DG/HoDW teamed up for stuff. When there are 7 or more of us we do raids and when there are 6 or less we EE or xp/gear farm something fierce. Just happened that we had 8, I think, so raids it was. We did the normal runs, Von, ToD, Chrono whatnot until it was back to Web time. Loaded for bear and with our last run a win we had a simi-clear plan and a certain we will totally win attitude.

We had a death or two from legs but the taking down Loth in the start was fairly quick and worked well. I was incharge of Anna. No offence to Tobril but NPCs go out of their way to piss him off, which he takes out on all of us. ☺ SO when able someone is in charge of watching Anna. And we were off. All was well and good.

We did have an issue with Anna getting stuck in a spot and called a DM to fix her. Thankfully it only took a few mins to get a Dm and he was quickly able to help us.

Our shrine use was way better then our first run, even better then our second as Anna shrined where I asked and didn’t zerg off into mobs before popping a shrine, so everyone got to use the first shrine vs having to spawn a second to allow everyone to shrine up.

The fights went very well and we all thought we had this one everything was going our way.

At the end we pulled and cleared trash really well. But we skipped knocking down Loth the second time; I think we will apply the beats from now on. We clear all the keepers other then the Necro, I am sitting at the top ready to go. The wall falls and I run threw the world goes pear shaped and everyone on the top island is ported the point where we first free Anna. Anna is with us and at the 75-80% mark. But we didn’t win and we needed to clear the keepers again but this time with the increased spawn rate. ☹ But we are DG we can do anything. I guess we were also Heroes of Dragon Wrath but you know. WE ARE DEFENSE!

We re-gather and re-shrine, pulling Anna along for a shrine. We push on, hard core play mode ON. Loth was doing a number on our blue bar people (this is the main reason we will beat down from now on) but we pull everything together the wall drops, again we rush threw, pear shapes happen everyone on the top island again is ported but no Anna….

In goes a Tix… Things take a little longer this time, but 10 or 15 mins of waiting and Anna pops to the start point again as if she got killed. Great! A few mins later the same DM shows up but after much talking (Tobril got the feeling that the DM was looking for an answer) turns out we were hosed and there was nothing he could do.

Just to be clear here i think the DM did everything he could but there was just nothing that he could do…

We tried a third time but we where mostly morally beaten by then. And we didn’t have the will to really push on for what we “knew” would be a lost cause.

So what do I think happened? Well back when that DM first moved Anna I think it some how “broke” her. Either the game still thought she was back at the spot for completion reasons, or the DM when moving her did something that changed her ID. Idk the programing behind it, but after the wins we had the over the last week I know there was nothing that we did wrong on our end. I just would like to know that yes this is a thing and if something happens to Anna next time and a DM needs to intervene not to bother as it will/could break the quest.


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