Training Raid Night aka Long Night

So last night was another one of the DG open Abbot training raids. I both love and hate these raids.

I like the idea that we are actually doing the raids and I even like having a larger population of people that can do more puzzles. But we start at 6pm my time and if I am lucky around an hour later we run the raid for real. Then sometimes like last night we run a second raid and before I long it is 10:10pm my time and that is all you have done. 2 abbot raids…..

Epic facepalm

I just hope that these training raids start growing the base of people willing to run some of the unpopular raids. That second run took a really long time to fill just because the lack of people willing to learn enough to get confortable with the raid.

I had a kind of mean rant here about taking the time to learn, but it was harsh and I don’t want that so let me just say people take the time to learn. It is worth it.