Feeling Funky

I am not sure what is up today, I am fairly good at pushing aside my personal shit and getting at least something done at work or a post or something. But today I am in a funk. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to tweet. Hell I can’t even troll the forums like a normal DDo addicted person.

So lets force something. Btw if this post seems weird it is because I am truly writing it as I am living it so any crazy thoughts you might get are raw and unfiltered. Bio.

Its funny I was in my opening header I was going to say something about my head not burning atm and I should be burning threw work. I go piss and my head is starting to fire up with the burning poke my eye out pain. Oh life your so funny.

Anyway it is 15 mins until lunch, is it weird that I am really looking forward to getting home so I can watch Buffy? I hope not, because for the last 2 weeks or so the wife and I have been Buffying out. As you know I like to watch a show when playing DDo solo/wife only groups and it was Buffy time. Think it had something to do with Tobril buying session 9 comic book run and letting me read it. Got me fired up to rewatch the show. But at the same time Darkhorse had a .99 sale on buffy comics and I bought the newest run up to date of Buffy, Angel & Faith and Willow. Sorry Spike I was poor enough after all that and I didn’t see you on sale. So my brain is very Buffyed out.

I am also really ready to be home for the night so I can log in. Last night was fun times but not very filling as for achieving person game goals. Ie, there was no loot from Abbot training runs, the DQ was a bust and I only got 2 tokens among both of my guys (Samius and Steampower- piker) in the eDA run Tobril and I did last night. Sam died in the last fight from poison or something totally out of the blue for me and I was in shock…

Anyway I want to knock out some more Xp for Java and get him to 8 asap so Tobril and I can level those guys. But I am torn as I also see that epic xp is getting boosted this weekend… Maybe mindless xp farming for Samius is in order. Some destinies are less then fun and I want to get over to Primal Avatar with out buying more Keys of Destiny from the store. Sam is more or less low hanging fruit guy for twists…

Hey look it is almost lunch time, 11:28 so time to post and run home for Buffy and food I guess.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Funky

    • I am having comic book spending issues. I realized that 4$ an issue X (IM + A + NA + Buffy + A&F + W+TNMT + saga + thunderbolts) + back log of some of these titles == poor samius.

      Something needed to be cut and Spike is it atm.

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