Staring at New Tail

So last night I bit the bullet and TRed Javabot in to my Druid build. I was back and forth on the details but I ended up saying why not go for it all the way? And I went 16 str, 18 con, 16 wis and any other points in int. I was back and forth as 16 wisdom is max on a WF and I didn’t want to change race on Java and I thought maybe I should just tank DCs and plan on pure DPS. But 2 more str wasn’t going to break me and I like the hybrid play style that Samius did on his druid life and that is want I want to recreate.

I didn’t do a lot of planning again for this TR. I know I just did a blog post about taking a sec and getting my shit together b4 a TR and I did some stuff. And I looked for a few things but after 30/40 mins cleaning the TR cache and hitting the AH and the vendors for lvl1 staffs/wraps/collars/leather armor I said “Frack It” and just used the starter flaming touch axe and a stack of pots for level 1.

Speaking of level one seemed to take a long time. Mostly because my summon nature’s trash pet was less then amazing and as I said before my druid dog was less then stellar. Speaking of the dog by the way, I think I have chosen him a name, Syntax. Roboty and yet doesn’t have a bot in the title. Although I tweeted it and Ecgric has a few good options also including Python which is now major contender or maybe just go with my first name: Fin Fang Foom!

Level 2 brought the good stuff, WOLF form and a slew of good weapons icy burst/ holy great axe and a flaming/icy rapier. But the real wining weapon/tip came from DDo cast: sun flasks for Undead/oozes. If you equip them in form you don’t throw them, but get the massive light damage vs guys it hurts and ghost touch, they are such a main stay for this druid from now on!

Level 2 went nice and fast clearing the near the harbor bank quests. Information is key, all those little favor quests and Durk’s, find my backpack and the kill everyone quest.

At 3 I hit New Ring leader and now I have xp for lvl 4. Think I will polish up the favor quests before taking it though.

Okay some thoughts, Wolf form is still amazing, takedown is the nuts! Throw in the WF trip line – vertigo weapon/shield in the off hand and you are a tripping king. Being a WF in form is strange. Some things works like you think they should like healing is amazing. I have a Blood/ Invulnerability docent, which is really good for my atm. Sure I loose some fort but pick up some amp. A (max) lesser vigor in form gives 10 a tick if I cast and open a door it down shifts to 6 until the door is open and then upshifts back again as soon as I return to wolf form. Also sometimes while swimming I have a breath meter and others times I don’t always in form… And finally the thing that gets me is I have some tasty ham oils and turkey dinners from something… And in form I can’t use the oil, which makes sense, but I can’t eat the turkey, which doesn’t. Also while in form I am immune to repair, which makes since, but that means I need to remember to carry normal healing pots now too. ☺

Well back to work, <3s

2 thoughts on “Staring at New Tail

  1. Even better! Didn’t realize that the flasks also bypass ethereal. Probably too good to be left alone (cringes awaiting a pounding from the nerf bat). Given our luck they’ll “fix” this before they fix the annoying lingering window when you leave your airship. *Crosses fingers* Here’s hoping Devs consider or a feature too…

  2. Cheers for the flasks info, thats going to make The Catacombs a lot easier as I think every one out of three lottery wins seems to be Sun Flasks

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