Topic Issues Jan18

I am having another topic problem today, so I am just going to do my normal shot style post for today.

Defense Channel. Last night I started to notice some really rude behavior in the defense channel but it is an open channel so I let it go for awhile. Then after the 3th or 4th set of comments that made me go WTF? I said something like “If you can’t be cool to each other, you can leave my channel. Don’t make be make you all kiss and make up.” About that time I started getting tells from people that I have meet/respect via the channel that the channel is now doomed and that they will miss it.


Then I watch some more and I see two people that are causing the issues. And I figure out that one is a player named Zergod. On Sarlona his rep is known but if you don’t know whom I am talking about let me say just a few things I know to be true about him. He is super rude and has many of his accounts perma-baned.

As the night devolves I get tells that they are sorry but they are leaving the channel and so on. I don’t know what to do other then try and wait him out…. If your a channel person please don’t let yourself fall victim of this guys asshatery.

A night of ADH-DDO-D aka ice racing ate my will to live.

Last night I went a grabbed my things to run the ice race, I have been stocking piling them figuring that I could just knock them out in a quick shot. Looking at my pile I was over 20 in my pack and I thought well I better get on this. OH and the wife and I wanted a quite night of watching Buffy (I started playing them on Netflx a few days ago and now we are starting session 3, such a great show if you haven’t seen it.)

And I had fun for the first 10 runs anyway. Then I remembered that there was a code to get 5 more from the store. So I got those. Around 8 or so left I stopped having fun but I would push on and finish up my stack. With 7 left in my stack I talked to the guy to start another race and he gives me another stack of things… Fine! Cool? Push on….

On the plus side I earned like 8.5k motes and had one run that had a score of 1020. Practice makes perfect?

Samiusbot, I have gotten him to level 5 now and once again I am really liking the arty as a class. Some good buffs but not everyone needs 10 of them kind of buffs and a fair mix of attack spells. And sometimes it is cool to just range things. I need to do a little bit of thinking about endgame gear sometime here soon. Mainly for GH stuff to farm when the drops seem good but that could just be in my head…

U18 spoilers.
I have been reading some on the Lam forums some of the spoliers and I think sometime next week I will get in to things more. But let me say a while ago I said lets boost the Necro 4 collectable items to add guild slots. And while guild slots are on the way out adding these new augment slots is a huge power boost to these times. A boost that will add a ton of life to these very cool but un most cases unloved items.

Okay I need to get some work done.

3 thoughts on “Topic Issues Jan18

  1. Squelch works for voice and text everywhere.

    Unfortunately it is character specific so expect to have to squelch many.

    Eventually he will give up when people don’t respond to him.

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