I want to be a Kingsman or aTerminator

This past weekend was sweet. First of all i want to thank everyone that sent birthday well wishes, i did have a great day and weekend as a whole. Tobril, fled Nebraska for the shining glory that is the Kansas sky and we promptly hid from that burning ball of fiery death and watched a movie.

Terminator Genisys, was a fine summer movie. And a solid enough movie that i am sure i will pick it up from the Google Play store when i want to see it again. One of the things that really got me other then the super easy foreshadowing or the “Easter Eggs” with the story ties ins from the other movies or the shot for shot reshoots, was how much they made Emilia Clarke look like Linda Hamilton. There were so many shots that i could have sworn that they were the same person. Over all i really liked the movie a lot and it gets one of my highest ratings: the Confused Wife!

Then Tobril and i continued watching Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. For those that haven’t seen this Amazon has it on their instant video section now. Guyver has been one of our favs for years. Back in high school we had to rent vhs tapes (the 1989 version) from Blockbuster and they didn’t have the whole series so we ended up missing huge chunks of it. Also there are a few live action movies, which are also good in that bad movie kind of way. Check it out if you can.

Yesterday, after Tobril headed home i was still in movie watching mode and bought Lucy and Kingsman from Google Play. Lucy was good but Kingsman was great. I “made” the wife watch Lucy with me. Once again we have the Confused Wife rating, i feel that it could have been a little stronger had they not beat that poor drum of a concept that we don’t use our whole brain over and over. They could have easily gone with IQ points vs % of brain; that could have been true and might not have pulled me out of the story each time they did so.

Kingsman, on the other side gets my highest rating. Not sure what that would be. I need to make a set scale i guess. I wish i would have seen it at the theater i would have bought it right away for sure. Just amazing. Remmie got the pleasure of watching it with me but wasn’t as big of a fan as i was. He had an issue with the use of animals in the film. He is an animal lover to the max.

Couldn’t have had a better weekend if i tried i don’t think. Well not in a very likely manor anyway….


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