We all get to Vote, MtG Hall of Fame!

I had planed to go through a bit of an update of the Jeski list i have been working on for the last week or two, but then i saw the article on the “mothership” and i thought no brainier.

So my votes for the 2015 Class for the Pro Tour Hall of Fame

First off the easy one, Eric Froehlich. I have been a fan of Eric for a long time and he has been having an amazing year. Teaming up with Marshall Sutcliffe to do Constructed Resources was/is an amazing marketing idea putting him in the much deserved lime light.

Think my next vote would have to be for Gerard Fabiano. Gerard just lives outside the box the rest of the Magic world lives in and you can see that in his card evaluations and deck choices. I like that a lot so another easy vote.

Willy Edel, is G/B Magic. You might hear it said that he is Brazilian magic, and it is true. Looking at his stats i don’t know how he can’t be a shoe in this year.

If we are looking at records that make people a shoe in then Shouta Yasooka is just that. PT top eights, 2 including a win and second place. Something like 20 GP top 8s including a win and numerous second places finishes.

Then i want to wrap things up with a deck name i will always remember. Heezy Street, the name of the deck Mark Herberholz used to win Pro Tour Honolulu 2006. Ravnica/Kamigawa standard was an amazing time in magic’s history. And this was one of if not the first PT i remember watching live and being a huge fan boy. I am not a big sports fan, i don’t watch any sports on tv with any regularity. I do like a hockey game once and a while but for the most part, neigh. This was my first Super Bowl. And i remember being exited.

Bam! that was a fast five. I hope all Magic fans can take a moment and vote. Think this is the first year that us normal magic players get to vote people into the Hall and i would like to see it continue.

If you don’t know what i am talking about here is a link.


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