As I struggle for a topic…

So here we are at 2:30 my time and I still haven’t written any thing for today. I have been playing with work stuff. My work Mac came the other day and I have been trying to use it some just to try and get a feel for things. But that is no excuse. The werds must go on. But I still don’t have much of a topic to focus on.

I could try an talk about the failed eDQ runs last night. But they might come across as whiny. And who wants to hear about how the healers failed to heal a raid, or fail to throw a rez with the queen’s bar all but totally gone? And please don’t get me started on how the raid leaders had real leadership issues. How many people can BYOH in and eDQ? Answer not many. And loosing a Sorc for a fighter because you don’t like how the sorc might play is crappy. Trust me one more caster would have won that second run hands down. That wipe was totally on the leader being an a$$.

Or I could talk a little about how I hit two epic Small Problems and in the second with Oncler he bitched me out for pikeing a fight. I was on Java healing btw. When I said I do that part of the quest all the time and there is not a fight he informed me there was and I told him I ran it the night before and there wasn’t. After about a min of arguing someone said that fight was only on epic and we both felt dumb. No seals for me on either run so my dry streak on seals continues.

I could run down how Phlor did his first night as a WF and a none Pally class. But as he was fresh off the boat (level 7) all we did was run the Ataraxia’s Haven loop and he did fine. Learned that rust monsters are bad which was funny. But nothing really worthy of a whole post.

Here is some good news Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ Moves Up to June 29. Think it will be a blast if the wife will never go. Tobril might be around for the 4th of July it might be just the movie to get us away from the computers and Ddo.

In other movie news Iron Man 3 started shooting yesterday and just got their budget increased (60 Million), hmm Iron Mans. Speaking of Iron Man and the Avengers (I was too talking about the Avengers) here is a sweet tee I am about to order.

While I am on the movie kick. Please someone tell me who thinks Kristen Stewart is hotter then Charlize Theron so I can kick that person in the nuts. The wife as informed me that I am taking her to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and before it even starts the realism is gone…. And I like brunettes over blondes.

Well I think that is enough rambling to make this count as a post. If you want to hear about something specific tomorrow you better use the comments.

5 thoughts on “As I struggle for a topic…

  1. Kristen Stewart is hotter then Charlize Theron. XD lol. ‘Cept, I don’t think so. I can’t help put think that Kristen looks like a drug addict. 🙂 Charlize was even hotter in Monster XD

    Oh, I’m waiting for Iron Man 3 🙂 Iron Man’s def my favorite of the Avengers, especially when played by Robert Downey Jr. 🙂

  2. Kristen Stewart has potential (once you get past the whole Twiglet thing).

    Charlize Theron’s already there.

    Winner: Theron, but give it a few years and a bit of a midlife crisis leading to a bad plastic surgery (see: Meg Ryan).

    And as a rule, I also prefer brunettes to blondes (though reds kick both their asses!) And generally speaking, longish hair to shortish hair, and CT usually has the latter. But she still wins.

    Having never run ASP on epic (I dislike that quest at the best of times. Just makes me go ugh. Best run I ever got into for that, I hit the LFM so late they were actually on their way back to the start. I literally zoned in and 30 seconds had an elite completion, it was GREAT.) I have no idea what fight your’e talking about… but stop piking!

  3. I actually prefer the other Snow White movie that just came out “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts as the wicket step mom. The midgets were creepy as hell, but the movie was still good. There was oddly a Bollywood-style dance scene at the end too.

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