My Smok’n Hot Healer Idea

Since the last post I have been mulling over different druid builds. With the TR train in full swing some nights a week, as people have time to play, my motivation to grind out gear/destiny xp for capped alts fades. And for the last few weeks I have been debating what my list of guys brings to the table.

I have:
Samius as my do everything guy.
McPlunderer as my Dps/removal guy.
Darth Samius a pure dps build.
Samyus my tank that hasn’t done anything after doing all the FR quests on EE other then Web which he has done 0 times.
And Java who is returning to the dog form as a tool box dps/healer guy.

Meaning that my bard gets very little play my “healers” get no play and I have at least 2 guys that have used a true heart just waiting for a build to TR into.

So why is that rambling important?

1, I am board now when not working the TR train. Right now levels are close I don’t want to be the one that makes everyone else have to play catch up. But I am in a place where I want the good vibes from the low level Skinner box pushes.

2, Lately there has been a point/place where something was made harder/didn’t happen because our core group was short a healer. I am thinking when we throw up a raid mostly. But there are lots of times I would like to give Tobril and Rachel the option to not have to heal but can’t because my healers are un such disrepair.

Okay so idea in a nutshell, 17/2/1 druid/ranger/x. X could be anything allowing for pairing with druid’s alignment issues. I am leaning fighter or wiz for the feat but an argument could be made for arty or rouge for skills/namely UMD. The core idea is a two weapon fighter using mostly the flameblade spells (as needed) in either Fire ele form or Ice form that also has manyshot/bow str as another dps option. With a quick human build going ranger, ranger druid until I wanted gtwf (bab) where I took fighter then returned to druid I was able to fit in all the feats for TWF tree/Manyshot tree and had room for toughness, power attack and 1 meta before epic levels. If I could loose a feat I could go Helf and take Arcane Archer I think anyway…

I need more time with the planer, but as I was fiddling I got a txt from Tobril that read “xp?” and I spent the rest of the night xping.

As always, thoughts?


5 thoughts on “My Smok’n Hot Healer Idea

  1. So, this build you’re thinking ele form rather than wolf? Interesting, I can see the potential with the ranger thrown in now I’ve read this… hmmm…


  2. I wouldn’t sweat the UMD part too much. While I’m a big fan of UMD the main things I find myself wanting is raise, heal, GH, fire shields, stoneskin, teleport, blur, and displace. Raise you would have to craft clickies (though you could reincarnate instead if you have the patience). Heal is a class scroll as is fire shield and stoneskin. Blur and displace scrolls you can pull off even in a non-class skill and obviously there’s clickies/permanent items available as well. So basically teleport and raise are the only things I’d miss with a lower UMD. Especially in the next update skill points are going to be tighter on a druid (you’ll want spellcraft and heal both) so double-points into UMD would be pretty tough to fit in.

  3. A druid??? I admit to zero knowledge on druids and only go by what I see in groups here on Thelanis, but druids here either can’t heal or don’t seem capable of healing. I know they die a lot. When I read healer I translate to cleric since favoured souls don’t wanna heal either anymore. Thelanis is a weird server. Regarding the arti idea though, a friend has an arti and he does backup heals for our little group really well.

    • I was talking with Tobril the other day about healing and he said when he heals any more it is mostly via renewal, heal scroll and cocoon. Only when in real danger does he cast healing spells. I have used those same 3 things on both Samius and McPlunderer to heal things when a “healer” was not around. I healed many a eH webs before TRing java into a Jugg via just heal scrolls and single target reges/vigors. It is stupid effective.

      It is often strange learning how other servers treat/do things differently.

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