Is Eldritch Knight going to be any good?

So for a while now i have been leveling as400 with no real plan other then to xp with Tobril while he is rocking on his completionest run. What has happened is we TR xp until level 3-4 real live happens i get back on and he is level 18… Tobril has a few stones of xp to help with his quest, btw.. So i slowly grind the rest of the way up catching Tobril from time to time but more or less i got nothing.

A plan would help a lot if i had one. To that end i have been looking at the Eldritch Knight and hoping for a plan.

Now i love me some melee wizards. Think i might have made my name on the them in fact and i am hoping that they will be returning to a place of play ability. That said i don’t think you can do eE content as a melee Wiz and i am not sure that this PRE will help but eH? Maybe.

Stay with me but i have a hard time reading the PRE break down out of game but i am going to try…

Looks like the core enchantments are fine, not amazing and not so good that i have to take 20 levels in wizard so that is good. A small amount of double strike and 3d4 to 4d4 of an element based on a toggle? One more d4 is not so important that i have to take 18 levels even so that is good. 17/2/1 or 16/2/2..  The main question for my EK build is do i want PwK or can i live with out?

So what do i see a melee wiz looking like now? How about a dwarf 17wiz/2rog/1fighter or a 16/wiz/2rog/2pally going dual Daxes and heavy armor? Stacking up as many layers of defenses as possible while maxing out the melee potential and later in those eE quests shifting into more of the MM caster with the option to melee once a real melee has the agro.

So as i level 400 up i will be waiting and gathering gear to go this way using the +20 heart turbine gave us to “fix” our builds due to the enchantment revamp.


Okay think i might need to xp while i am simi-motivated only 12 levels to go to catch up with Tobril…


One thought on “Is Eldritch Knight going to be any good?

  1. You know Rach & I are running TR’s at the moment? 2nd lifers currently at level 6 if that’s any use…. (obviously weekends and if we catch you on mid week)

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