Day 5 and more homework

It is once again time for homework then i think i will do another post just talking about stuff and things.


5.1, What settings am I most comfortable?

I can talk, lolz, so my first reaction that is not at home is anyplace where i can talk. Which is weird because i can go a long time with out talking but i enjoy talking.

5.2, How do i respond to management?

It depends on the management in question… well you know it doesn’t, I am always respectful and calm when talking with members of management. Only when i am having personal time with friends or family have i ever “unloaded” about a manager i might have had a fantasy or two about returning fire in kind but not often only with one person. Maybe i have been lucky with most of my managers in the past but most of them use the golden rule even when having to manage someone.

5.3, How would I manage people?

Ii have been a manager in the past and other then one time when i was 17 (this encounter stands out in my mind as i regret how i handled it to this day) i have always handled my employees with respect and honestly. Ask me sometime about this one time and i will tell the story.

5.4, People, things or ideas; what am i best at working with?

I think i am good with most people, i might be a little rough around the edges sometimes unintentionally but for the most part it is hard to talk to things or ideas. That said the idea is the real thing isn’t it? If i am writing/coding/poding about a thing it is that idea i am really interacting with. People are the secondary part of the equation. That said people are very important to how i work.

5.5, Am i more analytic/detailed/logical or am i more of a big picture guy and respond with emotion and enthusiasm?

Again i walk the line depending on need, but if i had to use any of these words to make an answer i would say the logical big picture guy… It is not that i don’t have a lot of enthusiasm (although i tend to not show it well) or that i am not into the details but making the logical call to shape the big picture is kinda the role i tend to take. Some people say i am the devil’s advocate a little to easily and quickly.

5.6, Am i predictable or do i seek variety and new challenges?

I loves me a new challenge!

5.7, Am i verbal and persuasive, or am i the caring/empathetic listener?

This is a trick question. You can’t be the first without being the later. You have to both listen and hear to be persuasive…

5.8, What strengths have others noticed in you?

I am going to make my own list and if you can please leave a comment and list my strengths from your point of view.

  • Honest
  • Entertaining
  • Willing to fight for what i believe is right
  • Confident
  • Bold
  • Knowledgeable but willing to ask for help when i don’t know something
  • Willingness to learn what i don’t know???

5.9, List 5 words or phrases that describe me?

Again i am going to ask for your input here…

  • Honest
  • Creative
  • Funny
  • Family man
  • Independent

5.10, What would i want people to remember about me if i were to write my own epitaph?

As most of you know i have had a lot of highs and lows in my life, and i don’t want to say i have seriously thought about taking my own life but i have wondered how others in my world would handle my not being around. To that end i have thought about keeping a video eulogy for grievers. I have not done such a thing yet, other then my migraines my health is good and i don’t expect to die anytime soon. But i think i could channel some of that thought process into the best hits epitaph.

To start i would want to be known as a good father/husband/friend, those should be a given. Then i would want to be know for being funny/smart and handsome! Then honestly it would be nice to be remembered for leaving a mark on something that is bigger then myself and will last beyond my passing, a legacy of sorts.  Hmmm, i never really thought about a legacy beyond my son and his future children….


Okay all I am going to post this then knock out a quick week in the life  and toil a bit on some resume action. I am not there in the book yet but… well you can read about that in the next post.



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