Week 1 Unemployed, review/thoughts

This week has been a strange one, as you know i have been reading and working through this really great book 48 days Until the Work You Love, and i have been really debating on what i want to do and for whom. And a few really clear thoughts have come to me.

First i want to be in entertainment as my vocation. Not that i want to be an entertainer directly, although if i could make enough money podcasting or twitch streaming that wouldn’t be the worse thing ever.

Second, all these ideas for books have been popping into my head. All kinds of books from little kids books to very much not for little kids books. And i think i will be working on some of these ideas in the future regardless of where i get a steady paycheck.

Third, a cover letter keeps entering my mind, a very specific letter to the people at Turbine… Part of the 48 day process is to open up and be completely true to yourself and find the thing/place where you will be happy to get up go to work and that drive allows you to excel. I have joked about working at Turbine before and i have even applied for and got fairly high in the interview process. I can’t help but wonder if now is my time? I will try, i have nothing to lose and everything to gain so that is a no brainier.

In other areas, this week has been a good one migraine wise, makes me wonder if that office setup was a big trigger. I am not pain free, but i have only had one flare up over what i would call level 6 and that is a great week! I still haven’t slept much but i feel fine wonder if there is another crash in my future?

Okay, i need to take care of some things and i want to try and get some ddo time in today before heading to the shop for FNM see you all on Monday if not sooner.


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