Day 4, Chap 4 (Thinking Goals)

Think i am going to just jump to today’s homework….

4.1, Am i a goal setter? Do i normally set goals at the start of the year? If not, why?

Yes and no. I have written many times about getting goals and working towards making them happen in my personal life, but work goals?? Only when i needed them to help motivate me for a given task. Think that might be the point of this chapter…

4.2, How would i describe my current focus at work?

Right this moment, i want to say none. But that is not a fair answer. Think i want to say i am working at finding the next job that is more then just a job.

4.3, What are my hobbies, other skills and interests?

Finally a question i have been waiting for. DDo, MtG, Podcasting, writing, humor, gardening, comics?, other things…. Assuming other skills are those that i didn’t list on the first section i would have to put all the different web programming things in a pile, including the different languages and libraries i used to use. Interests??? I am the interest bard, i like to know about everything but that means i am not always the most versed in each topic.

4.4, What is my community involvement?

If you think of community as my ddo and online community then i am simi active, i am back on the trying to keep up on things. If you mean physical community then I am back to physical tournaments and seeing/hanging out with people again vs you know just their twitter/Facebook feeds. But if you mean church or charity kind of things… not so much. I might need to do something about that…

4.5, What was my parents attitude towards work and how has that affected me?

Think i touched on that some yesterday, but my dad was a MAN, all in caps. He worked a job he hated for years to keep things going for his family. I remember him telling me how he hated it and how i needed to use my head so as to not have to do the same kind of things for my family that he had to. A few weeks ago i gave my son a very similar talk. I remember thinking it was ironic at the time, now even more so…


It is funny, yesterday i was feeling great, charged up even. I wrote something, so far feed back is good, by the way. Also I will have a game related post for you all soon but i am in the funk this morning. I HAD to make myself read this last chapter. Every other day so far i was chomping at the bit to get started.


Maybe i should just get writing and see if that gets the blood flowing. If not maybe some of the dreaded exercise…


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