Day 3, Chapt 3 (Realizations)

Today has been particularly moving one, first of all i watched the best documentary ever, Unhung Hero. Really go and check it out. Totally worth the watch. Second of all today’s chapter hit me right where i am at the moment.

So lets jump to the home work, lots of good questions today:

3.1, It is realistic to expect a job to provide more then just a paycheck?

Using the definition of job in this chapter (and i think it is a good one) i want to say not really but after some thought and writing the rest of this explanation maybe?  In this chapter a job is defined as a task you do for money. Or that is at least how i took it. Because it will be needed below a Career is a work path, a track to follow… Think that makes sense. And a Vocation is an the overarching  big picture thing.  This is a made up example but say; I want to be an entertainer (vocation), I am a programmer (career), and i work for Turbine as a dev (job).  Now by working at Turbine in this example fulfill the top level (vocation) need but if i replaced the Job with i mop the floors at Turbine am i still fulfilling my vocation needs? Maybe?

3.2, Have you had a sense of calling in your life? How did you “hear” that calling” ?

Yes, I think, maybe? So decisive today. I want to say i was called to write this blog, back when it was at my.ddo. I just needed to. I have had days (well nights really) where this story just flows into my head and i feel like i should let it out. But i haven’t done much about that but i am about to!

3.3, Does God call only a few people?

No, i think he/she/it calls us all it is the matter of do we “hear.” I had a line right here about not wanting to be too preachy but you know what fuck it! Maybe i need to be a little more faith on my sleeve…

3.4, Is it reasonable to expect our work to be part of the fulfillment of our calling?

I want to think so. I remember talking to Karla one day, she was my boss’ boss. And she said one the most profound things i think i have ever heard. She said,  There are more people in the world out there that are unhappy in there jobs then those that are and life is too short. Find a way to get happy here or find someplace where you are happy. But know that most of us don’t have that luxury because we have kids and bills. And before that i would have thought she was one of the people that was living her dream. Maybe i should have moved that to the 3.2 also?

3.5, Do you currently have a job, career, or vocation?

I am going to pretend that this is last week and say i have a job. I liked many aspects of it and it might have been a career of sorts and fulfilled many of my needs but it was not “my vocation.”

3.6, What does “success” mean for you this year?

I think it will be finding my path and it would be wonderful if i could find a job that hits all my needs.

3.7, Are you where you thought you would be at the stage of life?

Idk… I think we are what our parents made us, sure there are some desires and talents to take into account, but i remember watching my father go to his job everyday and be miserable. His life was boiled down to keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly. And it was hard for him.  So for awhile now when i was unhappy in my job i choked things down for my son. So in that regard yes i was exactly where i thought i would be.

I need to kiss my wife. She is really taking care of things and has been for a long time. She needs a little more love for that….

3.8, Do you go home at night with a sense of meaning/purpose/accomplishment?

There were days. Like when i got a new assignment or just completed one. But on a daily level? Not so much. I know there are people out there that have that feeling everyday and i will be one too.

3.9, If i want different results next year, what will you do to change in what you are doing?

Well i am busted out of my rut already so that is good. I am also going to take some of these ideas i have float into my head and get them out. Once i finish here i am going to start lunch and a load of laundry and then i will be back at my desk working on that book. I might even start getting up when the inspiration hits me and write.  Also i will keep reading and looking at my other goals, I think i do want to help create ddo maybe other some other place where i can check that box on my life that says entertainer/storyteller…

One thought on “Day 3, Chapt 3 (Realizations)

  1. I typically think that it’s a good idea to take two weeks after losing a job (if you can afford it) to just consider it a mini-vacation. Spend a few nights with some beers and friends, go out once or twice, walk around a park or city during a day or two, and do things that are just tough to do when working a 9-5 (8-10pm, whatever. :))

    Losing a job is kinda like a breakup: It’s bad to go on a date the next day.

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