Thank You DDo and Family

So yesterday I think I learned the meaning of shit rolls down hill as my supervisor pulled me into his office for our weekly meeting let me know that we are finally expanding our web department and then proceeded to tear me a new asshole. The whole time he kept saying things that seemed to imply that he had a bit of an ass chewing. I have the feeling there was some why do you need more staff the staff you have hasn’t rolled anything big out under your watch… His reply should have been mine my staff of 1? He is doing 40 little things AND trying to make progress on this big project….

Anyway needless to say that encounter put me in a foul mood and making me wonder if I need to start looking at other options…. I have been here for, well I need to look but I think the 11th will be 5 years. Maybe that is too long in modern times…

Thankfully my wife made dinner and tried to cheer me up as we worked on our TRs that we are doing on the side, aka my rogue and her new evasion dps pally. Don’t want to say that it took my mind right off of things. But it helped a ton and this morning no signs of going postal. That is a joke btw…

Anyway progress, we lvl 9 with or almost having xp for 10. I am dual wielding the long sword/dagger from Threnal and the dps is fair if not great, unless I don’t have the agro and then boom! So many sneak attack dice….

Took me awhile to remember the ends and outs of this build think I need to reread my post explaining it to myself because I have the feeling that I am missing a little bit still…

Anyway I just wanted to say even though DDo and/or my family can/was pissed me off in the past and I am sure they will again; they do an amazing job of cheering me up when they feel like it. My wife even died saving me from bleeding out when I tried to get though a trap to get to the box. Her evasion is powered by more then 10 more points of dex then mine, but 1s happen. But her CLWs took me to 4 so I could disable the trap and take her stone to the shrine. She was “mad” but I think it was all planed on her part…


3 thoughts on “Thank You DDo and Family

  1. Bosses do like to let know that “they’re the boss” now and again. Come this June, I will be here 15 years. That’s a long time for an IT person to be in one place. Luckly my boss plays DDO too 🙂

  2. I can totally relate with you on this. A little over a month ago, my boss asked me into his office and then proceeded to tell me that my position was eliminated and that I needed to grab my stuff and leave…this was after working there for 9 years. Luckily I got a decent severance package and my wife was more of the bread winner 🙂

    My wife has been fantastic about everything, and although she doesn’t play (except for helping with some window farming now and again), but she always makes it a point to ask about what’s happening with my characters and how I’m doing in game.

    Cheers for having relief valves in our lives!

    Be well!

  3. Do you remember I wanted to ask you something, then I said I would hold it for now? You just gave me an answer throught this post so I thank you, I knew you were the right person to ask.

    You have a cool mix there. Keep it up! : )

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